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Skeleton Key

2011 UW Records

Excommunicated truly brings the horrors perpetuated by the Catholic church to light in this ten song outing! The band brings to fans a corrupted history from the dawn of the church, that includes child molestation, witch trials, homosexuality, and incest. Excommunicated features Jason McIntyre (Suture, Despondancy) on guitars, Jonathan Joubert (Despondancy) on bass, David Kinkade (Soulfly, Borknagar, Malevolent Creation) on drums, and Chad...
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Bobby Weaver

This month, I’ve reviewed four fairly outstanding discs by some up and coming bands. Sicocis, Dark Life, Strikt – 9 from Vegas, and State of Insomnia from Bakersfield California. All of these bands put on a killer performance live, and are definitely worth checking out!

Volative Surreality

First up is Sicocis, a five-piece outfit hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band is a jazz influenced...
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Cheyenne Saloon show review for March 2nd, 2007


Bobby Weaver

Friday March 2nd, 2007 was a great night for metal at the Cheyenne Saloon! This show was produced by Josh Figg of Figgzilla promotions and booking and what a great line-up he put on the stage that night! I spoke with Josh at the show, and will be interviewing him about Figgzilla Promotions and what his plans are regarding the music scene next month. Thanks to all of the bands for taking the time to speak with us, it is greatly appreciated!
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Apocalyptic Necromancy

Dark Descent Records

Philadelphia’s first death metal band, Goreaphobia are back with an album that will be a classic! Apocalyptic Necromancy has twelve tracks of darkly twisted intensity that will leave you begging for more! Formed originally in 1988, the band has been through several line-up changes, yet has always maintained their core sound. This album features Chris Gamble on Vocals and Bass, Alex Bouks on Guitar, Jim Roe on Drums, and VJS on guitar. Gritty vocals,...
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Kyle Thomas of Alabama Thunderpussy

1. Thank you for doing an interview with us Kyle! Would you tell our
readers a little on your background such as the early days with
Exhorder, and what led you into music?

My earliest musical memory must have been wen I was about 2 years old- I remember the cloth diaper I was wearing with the big blue baby pin on it- and "Come Together" by the Beatles was playing on the 8 track player in the family living room. As the chorus came up, I froze in...
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Afterparty Massacre


Ibex Moon Records

The Afterparty Massacre soundtrack features 12 songs taken from the movie, which is slated for release on October 11th, 2011. Afterparty Massacre is a horror film directed by Kyle Severn of Incantation and Kristoff Bates which looks to bring horror, gore and metal back to the screen. This soundtrack is a who’s who in Death Metal with songs by Incantation, Soulless, Goreaphobia, Denial Fiend, and many more!
Afterparty Massacre has a total of 23 tracks,...
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An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master
Pyrrhon meld together the sounds of Death Metal, Jazz, and Psychedelic soundscapes to create an ambience of beautifully chaotic brutality! The bands upcoming release, An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master is an eight track stomp through the nether realms of aggression. New York based Pyrrhons sound is a mixture of old school death metal, with a nod toward the jazzy writing style of Chuck Schuldiner, and Pink Floyd…if Pink Floyd was death metal! However the band also remains extremely...
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Warriors of Ice

Sonic Unyon Metal

Voivod fans rejoice! Sonic Unyon Metal has released Warriors of Ice, a 15 track live album performed in Montreal, Quebec before a sold-out crowd. Recorded on December 12th, 2009 this album showcases the bands long career with fan favorites from 1984’s War and Pain up to 1991’s Angel Rat. Also the album features two songs from the 2009 album Infini! The current Voivod line-up is:

Denis “Snake” Belanger – Vocals
Jean-Yves “Blacky” Theriault – Bass
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Steve Bello

Go Berzerk!

Independent Release


Fans of the old Shrapnel Records artists such as Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore will truly appreciate this album! Steve Bello is a 7-string melodic guitarist that has the speed and technical ability to hold his own amongst the masters of guitar! Go Berzerk! Features eight songs of sonic mastery that takes the listener from spacey environs to the pits of hell! The album is an all instrumental aural eargasm which has a little something for everyone. Going from...
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Fans of Black Metal…GET THIS ALBUM! Dark lyrical content, brutal drums, maniacal guitars…what more could you ask for! Plaag calls Belgium home, and will soon dominate the world! Great production quality on the disc, and extremely talented musicianship as Somber Von Plaag goes from brutality to an extremely melodic landscape. Somber recorded all instruments on this c.d. while also designing the logo, and providing all of the art work on this disc! Suffice it to say that Somber is a one man wrecking crew! The track listing for “Ugh!” is:

•1. Somber’s Out
•2. My Satan
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Legendary Dutch metallers Pestilence are back with a vengeance! Their 2011 release entitled “Doctrine” is without a doubt their heaviest and most ambitious to date! This album reflects the bands attitude to organized religion and promotes free will as well as free thought. Through the use of 8-string guitars and a 7-string bass, Pestilence are tearing down buildings with the heaviness of its sound. Fans old and new will enjoy this album, as Pestilence remains true to its original sound and technical expertise, however new fans will enjoys an album of unforgiving...
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Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity

Candlelight Records


Talk about a band with a long history and loyal underground following, Corrosion of Conformity return with yet another great album! This self-titled eargasm is chock-full of what we all have come to expect from Corrosion...southern uber-heaviness, bluesy solos, melodic landscapes, politically fueled lyrics and incredible drumming. Fans of their 1991 album Blind will rejoice at this album. Featuring the Animosity...
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Blackout E.P.


Self Released

Blackout, the first outing from Las Vegas natives Substance is a five song introduction to their style of metal. Featuring members Anthony on vocals, Rob and Joe on guitars, Frank on bass, and Gabe on drums it is easy to hear that these guys are hungry! Mixing styles that remind this listener of Rage Against the Machine vocals with hardcore guitars in the vein of D.R.I., Corrosion of Conformity, Down, and a bit of nu-metal. The musicality on this disc is vibrant,...
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Nashville Pussy

From Hell to Texas - Live and Loud in Europe



Nashville Pussy...a name that conjures tawdry, pubescent escapades will release this remixed and remastered studio cd, with an additional live cd on March 27th. Chock full of party metal in the vein of Motorhead meets AC/DC, the two-disc set truly showcases the bands live energy on disc 2. The track listing for Live and Loud in Europe is:


1. From Hell to Texas

2. Drunk Driving...
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Upon hearing the first few riffs of track number one “Burn”, I was instantly sold upon this band! Helgrind hails from the U.K. and are truly up to par with their forebears such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The band blends a mix of metal genres into a very aggressive yet unique sound, but maintain a rigid heaviness filled with speed , musical prowess, and melodic passages spotlighting the members talent and skill. Fans of all types of metal will appreciate the c.d. “Inquisition” as the tracks are very aggressive! Overall production on the album is great with every...
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Krush the Enemy

Housecore Records

Step to the back of the line retro-thrash wannabe’s! Warbeast is here to show you how thrash is supposed to sound! Warbeast is comprised of Bruce Corbitt on vocals (Rigor Mortis), Rick Perry and Scott Shelby on guitar (Gammacide), Alan Bovee on bass (Gammacide), and Joe Gonzalez on Drums (Demonseed). Krush the Enemy is an all star thrash assault in the veins of Nuclear Assault, Slayer, and Annihilator. Speedy riffing, gritty vocals, and a rhythm section that will set...
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Somber Von Plaag

Black ‘n’ Roll Messiah

I recently had the opportunity to review the album UGH! By the band Plaag and became a fan of what Vocalist/Composer/Artist Somber Von Plaag has named “Black ‘n’ Roll”. Somber hails from Belgium, and is looking to take his vision worldwide. I spoke with Somber about Ugh! And his vision of black ‘n’ roll and here’s what he had to say:

MSM: Hails Somber! First let me say that Ugh! Is an exciting album! From beginning to end, the music just really kicks ass! I love the way you meld...
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Seasons of the Wolf Interview


Bobby Weaver

1.First, let me thank you guys for doing the interview! How long has SOTW been around as a band and what led to the formation?

**Skully – This October 2007 will start our 20th year together. Of course the first few years as a band we were just working out the rough spots and doing a lot of practicing and writing. Dennis and I had previously been in a band called Equinox in the mid 80’s. Once my younger brother graduated from high school he joined...
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Merciless Death Interview


Bobby Weaver

1.Thanks for speaking with us! When and how did Merciless Death start?

The band was initially formed 4 years ago, after Dan and I had met in High School. At first it was just us two, with Dan playing guitar and me singing Vocals, since I didn’t know how to play an instrument. We then had another guitar player and a bassist for about a day but it didn’t work out since they weren’t really serious about forming a band. It was around this time that Dan...
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Decadence Interview


Bobby Weaver

1.Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Would you tell our readers how long Decadence has been around and what led to the formation of the band?

Thank you for your shown interest and support! Decadence is a Swedish melodic Thrash Metal band formed in the year of 2003 in Stockholm. The members being: Metallic Kitty (extreme vocals/growls), Kenneth Lantz (guitar), Joakim Antman (bass) and Erik Röjås (drums). When I (Metallic Kitty) was 16 years...
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Steve Bello

7-Strings of Annihilation!

I’ve heard over the past few years about “shred being dead” but the fact is people have just not been listening! Shredders are still amongst us and Steve Bello is one of these hidden treasures. Steve fronts The Steve Bello Band, a 3-piece tsunami of musicality that will leave you in complete awe. Also featuring the talents of Joe DeMott on 5-string bass, and Edward Faust on the drums, this band is phenomenal! I recently spoke with Steve about his journey through music, and what the future...
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