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Brutiful Metal Radio held their 3RD ANNUAL BRUTIFUL METAL FEST 2014 in June 20 & 21 IN LAFAYETTE, LA AT THE WILD SALMON! The fest this year was sponsored by the following: INTEXcables, Fancy Guitar Capos, Sinister Guitar Picks , Flying V Leather Acc., Prof. Erny's Music, Sullen Clothing, Curt Mangan Strings, Pitch Black Records, Pickstrap Guitar Picks, Dark Harvest Records, and Big Easy Cookie Co. (More to come)!! Plus we had the raffling of a Select A Head drum head with killer artwork on it by Dahmer Art!! 100% of the raffle proceeds went to Puffy Paws aka The World's Greatest Cathouse! Bands that played: Death Before Dying (FLA), Lazarus Engine (TX), Light Of Day (LA), Misanthropic Inoculation (LA), Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid (TX), Harvester (LA), Asylum (TX), Splatta Fish (TX), Exalt The Throne (TX), Renatus (TX), Rick Flavored Arsenal (LA), The Taos Hum (LA), Ashes of Ruins (TN), Golgothan (LA), Define (LA) Buried Under (LA) .. We asked Louisiana to "Bring it" and that they did and some!! IF you weren't there, you were just a poser!! Stay tuned for next year!
Demon Boy - Dawn of the Demon Review552
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 Demon Boy - Dawn of the Demon Review

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PostSubject: Demon Boy - Dawn of the Demon Review   Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:33 pm

Demon Boy

Dawn of the Demon
Self Produced

Whoa!!!! How refreshing it is to hear someone creating a theatrical homage to the likes of the great Alice Cooper, and Rob Zombie! Fans of either, or both, this is one act that you must check out! Dawn of the Demon is a fun-filled romp through morbidly twisted themes with an auditory landscape that continuously fuels the fire. Demon Boy is a New York based band made up of Demon Boy on vo-kills, and his minions as the band. Dawn of the Demon starts off with I kissed a Dead Girl, a track of fist-pumping, head-bobbing necro-rock. Love that guitar tone! Track two, Little Red Riding Bitch is a grooving, cemetary bop with a twist on the fairy tale of nearly the same name. In my opinion, track three, Pain, is my favorite on the album. The song starts off with a bang and is a runaway tank all the way through! "THE PAIN IN YOUR BRAIN IS THE DEVIL IN YOUR VEINS!" Track four on Dawn of the Demon is Ravenous, and another great tune! I love the guitar riff in the beginning leading into Demon Boy's awesome vocals, and the song rocks from beginning to end. The last track on the album, Cemetary Girl, begins with some very nice acoustical guitar creating an atmosphere of meloncholic reflection. The song quickly descends back into uber-heavy guitars and a trek through the mausoleum of Demon Boy's mind! This is a great tune, and the spoken word piece in the middle just brings it all together. Dawn of the Demon is a hook-laden, fun disc that has a classic metal feel, yet is also modern in sound and production!

Track listing for Dawn of the Demon is:

1. I kissed a Dead Girl
2. Little Red Riding Bitch
3. Pain
4. Ravenous
5. Cemetary Girl

Dawn of the Demon is an "off the charts" great album! From start to finish, the disc keeps the listener riveted and wanting more. The band is absolutely phenomenal, pulling out sounds that fit Demon Boy's lyrical content to a tee. Demon Boy, you have made me a believer...TWO HORNS UP! Demon Boy's world domination is coming...which side will you be on?

You can find Demon Boy at the following:

Demon Boy - Dawn of the Demon Review

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Demon Boy - Dawn of the Demon Review
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