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 CD Reviews for April 2007

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PostCD Reviews for April 2007



Bobby Weaver

This month, I’ve reviewed four fairly outstanding discs by some up and coming bands. Sicocis, Dark Life, Strikt – 9 from Vegas, and State of Insomnia from Bakersfield California. All of these bands put on a killer performance live, and are definitely worth checking out!

Volative Surreality

First up is Sicocis, a five-piece outfit hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band is a jazz influenced prog-goth style of metal / hard rock with a very mournful vibe. Sicocis is made up of band members Chris Cosgrove on vocals and guitar, Rafael Ortega on guitars and keyboard, Manny Mendoza on bass and backing vocals, Rob McDonald on drums, and Mike Galo on keyboard. The disc opens with an intro titled “Machine” (2:14) which is darkly ambient, filled with foreboding textures and really sets the mood for the rest of the recording! Next is “In Remorse” (6:01), an extremely haunting tune. It starts off with a bang, and then brings you to a lower place full of despair. Chris’ vocals really bring this tune together! The third song is “Face in the Hourglass” (7:58). This one is my favorite of this disc! Full of gloom and doom guitar riffs, nice buildup sections, and filled with subtle heaviness! It gives one the sense of lethargic brooding with an atmosphere of awaiting death. Exceptional songwriting! Number four is “Ascension” (6:26). This song begins with a powerful intro and slips into a down tempo, melodic section. The chorus has a strong group scream in it that drives the point across followed by a beautifully melodic mid-section break. Manny’s low toned bass riffs and Rob’s rifling drumming deliver this tune upon the masses! The fifth song on the disc is “Behind this Mask” (7:14) and intros with an acoustic guitar riff. Chris’ angst-filled vocals mixed with the melodic passages extend a self-reflective mood. The solo section on this song is also very nice. Number six is titled “Wicked Prayers” (3:13) and is the perfect outro for this disc. Sicocis is a band to watch out for, jazzy modern prog rock which is contemplative and full of emotion. Overall great performance and production! I look forward to hearing more from this band! You can check out the band at .

Dark Life
Self-Titled Demo
Dark Life is a Las Vegas based, power rock quartet featuring members Kevin Leasure on vocals, Bryon Bunitski on guitar, Norberto Mota on bass, and Steve Cook on drums. This band is a no-frills, straight ahead rock-n-roll group that is great to drink beer to! The disc opener is titled “Nailed to the Tree of Life” (2:45) and starts off with a hook laced guitar riff. Bryon’s guitar sound is slicing! Good vocals mixed with some great drumming and bass bring this song to life. Track two is titled “Mystified” (4:56). This song has a very southern feel to it, with a stellar performance by Kevin on vocals. This tune has more hooks than a fishing store! “One Man” (4:04) is track number three and starts off with a very thick sounding intro. This song has a little bit of everything…groove-oriented riffs, melodic chorus; excellent drum fills, rolling bass lines, and one shredding solo! Number four is “Seasons Change” (5:25). The tune begins with a moody intro, and some very nice vocals and a powerful buildup to the chorus. The moodiness continues all the way to the outro. This one is my favorite of this disc! Track five is titled “Another Place” (3:54) and is filled with hook driven guitars, and kick ass drumming! This is just a good, down and dirty rock song. The last song of the disc is “My Way” (3:22). Very dirty guitar sound drives this groove oriented tune. Overall, this disc displays great musicianship with some solid songwriting. I think that the production could have been a little better, but these guys put on one hell of a show. Great job guys! You can check these guys out at or .

Blood Thirst one song sampler

Another local favorite, Strikt-9 is made up of members Donny on vocals, Blaze on guitar, J-Lazy on guitar, Seven on bass, and Crushing Tone Deth on drums. I was a little disappointed at first that this is only a one-song sampler disc, but Blood Thirst (2:19) is a good tune. Nice intro, powerful gang vocals, and some avant-garde breaks turn this into one intense tune! Good production on this song! I look forward to hearing a full length from these guys! Check them out at .

State of Insomnia
Imaginary Friends

State of Insomnia hails from Bakersfield, California and is made up of members Nathan on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mike on lead guitar, Jake on bass, O-Dub on keyboard, samples, and raps, and Buddy on drums. This group of face-painted ghouls brings the horror show straight to you! Imaginary Friends is an eleven song romp through the cemetery and taking as many victims as possible. The intro (1:25) could be a theme for a horror flick and really sets the stage for the rest of the disc. The title track “Imaginary Friends” (3:44) is a grooving nightmare set to music. Great horror-metal vibe! Track three is “Dreams of Suicide” (3:22) and is one explosive song! It starts with a bang, has some haunting synthesizer action, and some really nice breakdowns. Good songwriting and great delivery! “Filthy” is track number four, and could be the soundtrack to a porno. Very nice mid-break and memorable chorus really bring this song together. This is definitely music to fuck to! Track five is titled “Cradle” (2:26). This is another example of State of Insomnia’s explosiveness! Good hook laden verses and chorus! Track six is “House of Sin” (3:42) and is my favorite of this disc! “ASHES TO ASHES, AND DUST TO DUST! Really heavy opening, melodic guitars, bitchin’ solo and just great songwriting! This song is like a ghost-hunt on acid! Next is track seven, “Break You” (2:58). This tune begins with a techno intro and eerily grooving bass line. The heavy guitars mixed with Nathan’s memorable vocals makes me want to kick in someone’s Hubcaps or something! “S.O.I.” (4:38) features O-Dub on vocals. At first, the rap part mixed with the guitar line made me think of “surfer-rap”, but the song quickly descends into what can be described as an urban horror fest! There are some really heavy breakdowns on the chorus that bring the song together. Number nine is “Betrayed” (2:50) and delivers exactly what the song says! Powerful intro followed by aggressive bass and drumming keep this song driving from beginning to end. This tune has some heavy ass riffs, and some cool backing vocals as well. Track 10, “Represent” (4:29) begins with some interesting sound bites of Martin Luther King over some acoustic guitars, then the song takes off! These guys have some really good guitar riffs! This song makes me wanna knock somebody out! The last track is “Hater Melody” (3:10), and is a great outro tune for this disc. I have to say that this is one unique band, with an original sound, and just a bunch of great dudes! “STEP THE FUCK UP BITCHES!” You can check out State of Insomnia at or .

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CD Reviews for April 2007

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