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 Sawhill Sacrifice – Deus Humana Satanas (2013) Album Review

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PostSawhill Sacrifice – Deus Humana Satanas (2013) Album Review

Sawhill Sacrifice – Deus Humana Satanas (2013)
Violent Journey Records Running Time 40:45

After releasing two demos, Sawhill Sacrifice have now arrived properly on the scene with the release of their debut full length album ‘Deus Humana Satanas’. Another band hailing from deepest, darkest Finland this is a true Black Metal album with just a hint of Thrash and Death. Bleak, menacing and cold, Sawhill Sacrifice have come up with an album that many fans of Black Metal will be itching to listen to. It is however, also an album that goes beyond the very edge of my listening spectrum because of its heaviness, speed and sound. Black Metal of this nature is not something I listen to very often but I can still appreciate what this band have tried to achieve and I think they have made a fairly decent stab of it.

Seven tracks covering just over forty minutes means that the album is just the right length. This isn’t just one full on blast either, there is certainly some variety in tempo. For example, take the track ‘God In Man’ which has a classic Bathory/Falkenbach feel to it and is by far the best song on offer here. Slowing the tempo down works well for Sawhill Sacrifice and it’s certainly something I would like to hear them do more of in the future. There are also certain elements of bands such as Dissection, Emperor and Dark Funeral and some atmospheric passages which work fairly well. Wrap this all up with a production that is authentic enough to please the die hard fans, but with enough modern sheen and mix to embrace a newer audience as well and I would like to think that the band achieved what they set out to do!

I do have a gripe with the band names though. I know its all part and parcel of being in a Black Metal Band but ‘B. Bogdanowitch’ is weak by anyone’s standards and what on earth is a ‘Thimns’? That little glitch aside, and bearing in mind that this won’t be an album I will personally be playing a lot, Sawhill Sacrifice appear to have created an album of some note and one that I would certainly recommend to ardent fans of the genre.


Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Sawhill Sacrifice – Deus Humana Satanas (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Sawhill Sacrifice – Deus Humana Satanas (2013) Album Review

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