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 Decadence Interview

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PostDecadence Interview

Decadence Interview


Bobby Weaver

1.Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Would you tell our readers how long Decadence has been around and what led to the formation of the band?

Thank you for your shown interest and support! Decadence is a Swedish melodic Thrash Metal band formed in the year of 2003 in Stockholm. The members being: Metallic Kitty (extreme vocals/growls), Kenneth Lantz (guitar), Joakim Antman (bass) and Erik Röjås (drums). When I (Metallic Kitty) was 16 years old, I came to audition a nameless band, consisting of two guitarists and a drummer. I joined it and after a while, present lead guitarist Kenneth, joined as a session bassist. I named it Decadence and that was when it all started. A lot of things have happened since then and to know more, the best source is our biography on our official website:!

2.Is there a strong bond between the German bands in that do you help each other out with shows, drinking buddies, etc?

For the time being, we haven’t really had so much contact with German bands and the German scene as a whole, which is really a shame! We hope that will change soon enough!

3.Do you have any new releases out and are you going on tour soon and if so will you bring the stage show to the States?

Yes, we have just released our third fullength “3rd Stage of Decay” in November of 2006. Since then we have been playing live as much as possible to spread the word. This summer we will be playing around Europe some and we are really looking forwards to that! The US is definitely in the plans but nothing set at this point.

4.How do you feel about the current trend happening in today’s metal with female fronted bands? Personally, I’m glad to see women in a power role in metal without the fluff and hype of the 80’s, with Doro and Girlschool being just a couple of examples of that era. Today, bands such as Arch Enemy, Holy Moses, Otep, and your band Decadence are on the top of the heap in the power vocal genres. Do you see more female fronted bands coming out, and do you feel like a pioneer in the field?

For me it seems like women are expressing themselves more in all kinds of fields nowadays, and I think this world of Metal is only a part of it. You even see more and more females in politics, business, CEO posts etc. so Metal seems to be one in the flow. It is still too new to me with female clean voices in Metal, I guess I’m still to old school for that! *laughs*. But, I definitely see that this trend will grow a lot, and fast in the next coming years. It’s like with everything new, it gets popular and people want more. I’m not sure if I like this popularity trend though, I like music for what it is, not if there’s a man or woman playing/singing in the band. If I see myself as a pioneer in the field, I’m not sure. I started growling long before I ever heard a woman growl, but that doesn’t make me the first one. So, I like to see myself as the vocalist of a melodic Thrash band called Decadence, nothing more.

5.In recent years there has been a resurgence in the thrash movement with bands revitalizing the classic thrash sounds, such as the San Francisco bay area sound, German bay area sound, etc. What do you think is bringing this resurgence and do you see it gaining strength?

One clear answer to that is that the pure Thrash (mostly Bay Area but also the German sound) is dying. But, it’s not the fans that are dying, it’s the bands. The old bands remain, like Testament, Slayer, Kreator and so on but there are no new big bands. That is what the resurgence is all about, people want to do what they can to bring this awesome music back instead of having to cope with MTV Metal and other mainstreamers. I’m not sure if I see it gaining strength yet at this point, but, we should all do what we can, and that is one thing I’m trying to do with Decadence – bringing Thrash back to a new level!

6.What are your thoughts on the current metal scene worldwide and what changes would you like to see occur?

It’s hard to make a clear conclusion out of the modern Metal scene. Scandinavian Metal seems to be dominating but there’s also a big wave of NWOAHM and Nu Metal/MTV Metal. Personally, I’d be much more satisfied if old Bay Area Thrash Metal was brought back to life instead of being overshadowed by other dominating genres. There seems to be only old bands left in the Thrash industry and it’s rare to see a newcomer playing in the same spirit which is a shame. I also like the underground much more than mainstream Metal because such bands that don’t get the chance to reach out in the dominating Swedish Death, MTV Metal, etc. scene usually have a lot to give and also a burning passion that mainstream Metal often lacks.

7.Can you tell us about some of the festivals and big shows that Decadence has played recently?

No festivals at this point! We have enjoyed our time at shows lately and it’s really a great feeling coming to a place which is filled with headbangers ready to mosh! We are mostly called a live band and that is the point where our music literally comes alive. Tomorrow we are going to a show in Denmark which will most likely have that feeling of a smaller place filled with people and I really thing that is great, it gives us a chance to closely interact with the fans which is awesome.

8.With the internet being a useful tool for today’s underground bands, do you feel that it is helping or hindering these bands, and what advice would you give regarding the internet?

I think the Internet is an excellent resource. For us, it has been a huge help to reach out to more people, find contacts all over and simply spreading the word. is definitely a great place to find contacts and I recommend that as a first source. Also, a nice website attracts people and that’s also a very important thing.

9.What were some of you influences growing up, and what bands do you currently listen to and why?

Well, to mention some I could say: Metallica, Vader, Death, Kreator, Testament, Cannibal Corpse, Destruction, Cynic, Xentrix, Sodom, Children of Bodom, Megadeth, Annihilator, Tankard, Slayer, Pantera, Exodus and so on. As you can see, the list mostly consists of various Thrash Metal bands with some exceptions. Thrash Metal is, and always will be, my greatest inspiration in music, having Metallica on top of it. I find both vocal and instrumental inspiration in acts such as mentioned above which constantly makes me what to express myself in Decadence.

10.Thanks again for speaking with us, we greatly appreciate your time! In closing, what can fans expect from a decadence show, and where can they find your merchandise, CD’s, etc?

The pleasure was on my side, thank you and the readers! If I would introduce Decadence to all of you, the best way to do it would be to come to a live show. There you will see the real Decadence, lots of hair, lots of headbanging, loud screams and fast playing! You will find our CD’s and merchandise mainly through our official website: All the best, and remember: if there’s a will, there’s a way! Horns up from Metallic Kitty of Decadence.

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Decadence Interview

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