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 Dirty Beloved – Brain Bleeder (2013) Album Review

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PostDirty Beloved – Brain Bleeder (2013) Album Review

Dirty Beloved – Brain Bleeder (2013)
Spudbot Records -- Running Time 60:03

I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat that reviewing is such a wonderful opportunity. That feeling you get when seeing what bands are in your pile is fantastic. You sometimes get bigger, you sometimes get favourites, but a lot of the time you are discovering new talent, bands you’ve never heard of and ones which would have never crossed your radar if you weren’t writing about them. Dirty Beloved from Ottawa, Canada are one of those bands and ‘Brain Bleeder’ (great title) is their third studio album.

Firstly, describing what Dirty Beloved sound like isn’t actually that simple. They are certainly HEAVY, but they incorporate such a variety of styles into their music that you really have to genre hop to get a handle on it. Metal, Rock, Punk, Funk, Progressive, Indie, Alt, Sludge, Thrash and even a little bit of the dreaded ‘G’ word Grunge are all present which makes the album very diverse, in fact you might be of the opinion that the band themselves don’t really know what direction they want to go in. Personally I think it all seems to fit together quite nicely, even if some songs work much better than others. Perhaps two or three tracks could have been shaved from the sixty minute running time!

Opener ‘Priests Of Hiroshima’ is one of the standout tracks, and probably one of the heaviest on ‘Brain Bleeder’. It has a really catchy riff and chorus, with some pounding bass and drums, courtesy of ‘Todd Jodoin’ and ‘Neil Grandy’ respectively. If I’m honest I think that this is the direction best suited for Dirty Beloved! That is followed by the title track, which is slightly lighter in feel but does introduce the first of many superb guitar solos by ‘Michael Hope’ who seems to have quite an individual sound. From then on the songs go off in various directions, but even though there are some quite unusual chord progressions which can throw you a little of guard there is generally an underlying strong melody to help make the song stick around in your head after it’s finished. I’m not altogether completely convinced by the vocals of ‘Armin Kamal’, but that’s certainly not because he’s a bad singer, it’s just that the alternative style is not one of my favourites and there is more than a passing element of that in his delivery. However, the more I listen to some of these tracks, the more I like them. ‘No Guide’ is a lovely ballad, ‘Mind Your Luck’ is almost sludge/thrash and closer ’13 Shades Of Bat Shit Crazy’ is brilliant and a song you know is just going to go down a storm live!

You do have to give Dirty Beloved’ a lot of credit. This album is completely independent, self financed and self produced. I have heard much more ‘expensive’ albums than this, from so-called ‘in vogue’ bands that sound appalling and you also have to admire their creativity and lyrics which cover some great subject matter. They are certainly a band to keep an eye on and deserve more attention from the music industry than they are currently getting!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Dirty Beloved – Brain Bleeder (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Dirty Beloved – Brain Bleeder (2013) Album Review

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