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 Tani Jantsang Interview

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PostTani Jantsang Interview

Tani Jantsang Interview


Bobby Weaver

1.Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Tani, we greatly appreciate it! Can you give our readers a little background on yourself and The Satanic Reds Organization?

Satanic Reds was formed by some people, including myself, that used to have another group that wasn't public (that's explained in the Roots of Satanic Reds on our webpage) and other people that were tired of satanic orgs that were basically inversionist Christian groups and nothing more. Satanic Reds has politics that benefit the self and others at the same time, and for those occult minded people, we have the Dark Tradition, also known as Dark Doctrines. These are doctrines that deal specifically with the "Boundless Darkness in which a Flame flashed out" and encompass doctrines from the East and the Pythagoreans. These doctrines are not new or new age at all, nor are they part of the so-called Western Occultism." They are traditional doctrines about the Boundless Darkness.

2.What do you think about the genesis of Satanic imagery in Heavy Metal music in the early days?

I think it's cool, though I know that many heavy metal groups that use this imagery (like Slayer) are not serious about it. Keep in mind that I'm not familiar with heavy metal much at all.

3.With bands such as Him that utilize what they call the “Heartogram”, and TV personalities such as Bam Margera using the same, what are your thoughts on the current trend of “dark aestheticism” that is enveloping society today?

I'm totally unfamiliar with heavy metal trends and only know a very little about the music (Slayer, Metallica, etc.,). If you refer to the Goth look, I think it looks good.

4.Do you find that more musicians today send out the Satanic philosophy in their music, or is contemporary music still laden with pseudo-satanic ramblings and adherence to the use of symbolism to create their “image”?

I couldn't really say, since I'm unfamiliar with a lot of popular music, especially rock and metal. I tend to like ethnic music (like ballroom dancing music), techno Euro dance music and classical music. I think that ANY music that sings about the joys of life is satanic, it's pro flesh, pro living and enjoyment.

5.What are some of the bands that you listen to and why?

The only bands I listen to are completely unknown except in the world of ethnic clubs and ballroom music. They come in on weekends and play. I could name the "band" (it's one man, but it sounds like the Philharmonic Orchestra when he plays) that plays the best Viennese Waltzes! However, I don't think that's what you are after! What I do realize is that there is no regular radio station, at least where I am, that has either Euro Techno dance music or heavy metal music. This just doesn't exist. You can get pure metal and pure techno on digital cable stations, but these genres are not represented by FM radio. They should be.

6.On a religious note, the “big three” religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) all claim to worship the same god yet there is always some form of tension between them. Do you think that the crisis in the middle-east is just the same dogmatic argument, or is it a new form of Christian crusade?

This is not going to be brief, and I hope you don't cut it. First of all, and I might get into a mess for saying this, I think Jews who are knowledgeable about their religion view Christians as having stolen their texts and having made Egyptian paganism out of it all (the Trinity thing, with the living and dying god Jesus, Isis and Horus - same as Mary and Jesus). If anyone would like to know what Jews think of Christians and how they feel living in what they perceive as a Christian culture, they could read "The Culture of Critique" by Professor Kevin MacDonald; that is the third book he wrote in his analysis of evolutionary survival strategies. It's very thorough.
Islam completely rejects the notion of incarnations of God (i.e., Jesus). These are not the same religions at all. Islam is a LOT more like Judaism: they both have one God, it's not a person, not male, not female and it has no offspring or attachments. Christianity, however, is literally paganism reworked with some flesh-hating Manichaeism mixed in. I notice that both Islam and Christianity have in the past, and Islam now, treated women as second class citizens or worse, as slaves. They are obsessed with sexual matters and that specific part of the body, which is pathological. Jews are nothing like that. Consider some of the things Islamics do to women: if one race did these things to another race they would be called crimes against humanity.

I think the crisis in the middle east is extremely dangerous, it might lead to World War Three if the West doesn't get the hell out of it fast. The Islamic fundies want to make a new Dark Age and they want to spread it around. Most of these Europeans are not even religious but are simply "Christian" by culture, like Italians tend to be Catholic by culture - I don't see them as on a crusade so much as them just wanting to protect their culture, the various cultures in Europe, which are being overrun by Islamic unarmed invaders! Some of the Islamics even admit that they are unarmed invaders that will outbreed the Europeans and simply take over their societies and destroy their culture. These European countries have their own cultures and they are secular and advanced civilizations. I'd hate to see Western Civilization lost. It just might take extreme measures to fix what's wrong in Europe. Playing the political correctness game has to stop if European culture, language and civilization is to survive this onslaught - and that means in the USA too. I regard the USA as primarily a European-culture nation, Western Civilization, post enlightenment. It should stay that way.

On the other hand, the neocons in America as well as the Christian Zionists seem to be directing the US government to wage war on behalf of Israel; they want us to fight Israel's enemies - AGAINST our own interests! This, I think, is unAmerican and should stop immediately. The problem in the middle east is due to Israel, a modern nation, being there and supplanting the Palestinians. Israel should solve that problem without involving the USA. Certainly, they have the weapons to fight such a war on their own. If every single Israeli converted to Islam but kept doing the same things they are doing now, that wouldn't solve the problems there at all. This is not about religion. It's about territory and hegemony.

These struggles have really very little to do with religion, even though religion is being used like so much "war talk."

Pat Buchanan is considered part of the Christian establishment. However, in two books he wrote, "Where the Right Went Wrong," and "A Republic not an Empire," both very interesting and accurate books that I think everyone should read, Pat spells out what America was all about in the past and how things went haywire. In a way, both these books might be seen as satanic, in the modern sense of the word (not in the Christian sense at all).

7.Satanism is based on logic and reason, what do you think people could gain from the Satanic perspective and is it for everyone?

Western Civilization itself is based on logic and reason and the scientific method. Keep in mind, that Deism (not Theism) was considered similar to Atheism, and Atheism was considered satanic at the time the USA was founded. What I know people can gain from such a perspective is CIVILIZATION and all the wonders of advanced technology that we enjoy in the West and in some Asian countries today. It wouldn't matter if you called it satanism or not. It is considered satanism by many modern satanists because it's thoroughly anti superstition. Of course, this is a use of the word "satanic" that needs much explanation to anyone outside of the satanic circle. Political correctness is not satanic or based on logic or reason at all. It's a violation of free thought and free speech and in truth, I'm not the only one saying that politically correctness will be the death of the west. If the West goes, everything people struggled for will be gone. We might decend into a new dark age and that would be AWFUL.

8.I’m sure that you remember the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s, with the creation of breeders, baby murders, and kidnappings that were hyped by the media. This also bled over into the metal scene with backwards masking, suicides, and several court cases. What do you think led up to this, and has society on the whole learned from it and moved forward?

Satanic Panic is something I see as a money making industry. If you look at similar stories from the Middle Ages that superstitious Christians spread about the Jews, you'll find the same stories in the satanic panic. A few people got their names in fame and caused a lot of trouble. Then again, a good point was made about predatory pedophiles USING "the devil" to scare kids. If that wasn't happening, you best believe they got the idea to do it from all the fuss. Psychiatrists were accused of brainwashing patients and falsifying testimony, and oh yes, they did do this - yet I've never heard about anyone seriously looking into this malpractice. I have to applaud Dr. Michael A. Aquino for bravely going on television to challenge and refute the liars - a great risk to himself. As for people committing suicide, people of all walks of life do it - and no one can blame any religion for it.

9.Can you give our readers a brief summation of the Dark Doctrines, and what led to the creation of them?

The Dark Doctrines are standard esoteric Eastern and Pythagorean tradition, but spelled out in plain English and explained. I felt there was a need for this information to be available to people looking for it. Clearly, it is shown that there is no dualism of light and dark; that Light, the Flame or Ray, came from Boundless Darkness - and one can not exist without the other. One is not good and the other is not evil, that's wrong thinking about all of it. There is a lot more to it, as is explained in the monographs we make available, but you said to keep it brief.

10.Thanks again for talking with us! Would you like to let our readers know where they can find more information on The Satanic Reds Organization, literature, etc?

Yes, the Dark Tradition monographs are availble from P. Marsh, PO Box 85, Lehigh Acres, FL, 33970-0085, USA (I'll attach the ad for these). Other information can be seen on

Let me mention that there is a novel: OTHER NATIONS by T&P Marsh. It is not satanic, but is Cthulhu Mythos with a lot of mystery and even some romance and humor. It is available in any big book store, or online, eg,

Tani Jantsang Interview

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Tani Jantsang Interview :: Comments

Re: Tani Jantsang Interview
Post on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:45 pm by Brutiful_ViXn
WOW.. great reading!! \m/
Re: Tani Jantsang Interview
Post on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:26 pm by Sludgedude
It was a pleasure and honor to interview Tani! Although this interview is from 2007, it still reflects well 5 years later! I will definitely ask about doing another with her in the near future.
Re: Tani Jantsang Interview
Post on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:39 pm by Brutiful_ViXn
COOL.. can't wait til you do another! It will be just as kick ass!!
Re: Tani Jantsang Interview
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Tani Jantsang Interview

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