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 Anarchadia - Let Us All Unite (2013) Album Review

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PostAnarchadia - Let Us All Unite (2013) Album Review

Anarchadia - Let Us All Unite (2013)
Metal East Records -- Running Time 42:00

There are good albums and then there are very good albums, but every so often an album grabs you by the short and curlies and squeezes until you scream 'this a great album' and that is what Technical Thrash/Death band Anarchadia have done to me with their debut album 'Let Us All Unite'. This is one seriously good band and album, and what makes it all the more incredible is that they are from Syria. When you consider the political turmoil and war quite literally destroying that country at the moment, then it's a miracle anyone could form a band, let alone a heavy metal one and complete an album of this quality, but Anarchadia have managed and have not only created a work of musical prowess but also one of lyrical genius. This is a band that hasn't taken sides in the current conflict and, as the title suggests, seeks to unite everyone against the injustice, inequality and greed that is slowly poisoning us all. Albums with a strong political or religious message don't always work, as they can be seen as preaching, but this is done with such emotion and honesty that you cannot fail to be moved. Due to the struggles they have encountered Anarchadia had to relocate to Beirut, hardly an area of peace in itself, but it has enabled them to continue. What's more, they have managed to get 'Jon Schaffer' from Iced Earth to guest on a track and are now giving the album away as a free download, so there is absolutely no reason not to listen to this!

Musically this reminds me of Pantera crossed with Revocation, Testament and Atheist, but that's just my take on things. What really kicked me in the guts was the quality of the guitar work which is absolutely stunning. Think 'Dimebag' and Scar Symmetry's 'Per Nilsson' duelling on stage and that's what it sounds like. Technically these guys are on a different planet to many bands, but that certainly doesn't mean they have sacrificed any passion in their playing, far from it! Just take a listen to 'Demoralize', 'Narchaotic', 'True World Order', 'Occupy The Wall' or the inspirational title track and tell me that it doesn't ooze out of every pore. They have also managed to write one of the best instrumental tracks I've ever listened to. 'Elevation Call' is quite simply mesmeric! Add to that a startling production, that had my neighbours running for cover and this is quite simply one of the best albums I've heard this year and easily the finest I've heard in this genre for a long time!

Anybody that reads my reviews regularly will know that I am VERY subjective when it comes to bands at the heavier end of the spectrum and that an album really does have to be something special for me to appreciate harsh vocals and Anarchadia have delivered in spades. 'Nour Sabbagh' (vocals), 'Mhd Siam' (guitars), 'Raafat Atasi' (former guitarist who worked on album before his departure from the band), 'Sami Fraihat' (guitars), 'Alaa Abdullah' (bass) and 'Sami Abo Loah' (drums) please stand up and take a bow because you thoroughly deserve to be congratulated for 'Let Us All Unite'. If this is the future of Thrash and Death Metal then I want lots more of it!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Anarchadia - Let Us All Unite (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Anarchadia - Let Us All Unite (2013) Album Review

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