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 Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid - PWABK (2013) EP Review

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PostPistol Whipping A Blind Kid - PWABK (2013) EP Review

Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid - PWABK EP (2013)
Self Released/Independent -- Running Time 19:16

'Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid', well that's a band name for you isn't it? One thing is certain, you're sure not going to confuse them with anybody else! There will obviously be a few stragglers who never get passed that name but for someone like me, with a dark and twisted sense of humour, well, it's brilliant. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, there isn't much in the way of a bio for the band, in fact the whole thing reads as follows "In 2009 'Violent Betty' and 'Wasted' got together to form PWABK, the rest is history". but reading their Facebook page it is clear that they have a great sense of humour. One area that they don't muck about with though is the music. Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid deliver pretty ferocious Thrash/Death Metal with a bit of Hardcore thrown in for good measure. Considering this is self released the 'PWABK' EP is a great listen and proves you really don't need a record company and lots of promotion to release quality sounding product these days!

Influence wise, well take your pick. I can hear bits of Exodus, Flayed Disciple, S-O-D and more modern bands like Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb, but there are literally hundreds of to choose from. That's because 'Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid haven't suddenly reinvented the wheel and come up with a fresh take on the genre, the band themselves say they don't wish to be confined to a single genre and just want to play metal, but whatever your view the four songs 'Deviant Lust', '451', 'Toxic Playground' and 'Witches and Ghouls' are all well played, well produced and should get your head banging long before any pistol whipping has taken place! They thankfully don't rely too heavily on blast beats, but what I would say is that the songs could be tightened up slightly. If they were to shave thirty seconds to a minute off of them. then you really would feel like the butt of a gun had smacked you in the face!

Joining 'Violent Betty' and 'Wasted' are 'Abel' and 'The Butcher' (I told you they had a sense of humour) and together they have created and released a pretty damn good EP. If you like Thrash and Death then you could do a LOT worse than this and I'll be watching to see how many blind kids they can pistol whip before the next EP/Album is released!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid - PWABK (2013) EP Review :: Comments

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Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid - PWABK (2013) EP Review

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