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 Incinery - Nothing Left EP (2013) Review

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PostIncinery - Nothing Left EP (2013) Review

Incinery - Nothing Left EP (2013)
Self Released/Independent -- Running Time 24:19

After the brilliance of 'Dawn Of War,'. the debut EP from Incinery (check out my review elsewhere on the forum), I was more than eager to also review their second and latest EP 'Nothing Left' which was released in March this year and once again the five songs contained within have pummelled me into submission and I find it very difficult to understand why Incinery have not been snapped up by a record label!

'Nothing Left' is not just a continuation of 'Dawn Of War. In the intervening two years Incinery have made serious headway not only with the quality of the gigs they've played (Bloodstock Festival in 2012 for instance), but have also matured and developed their sound into something more individual and, in an era where band members seem to come and go with alarming regularity, it's a pleasure to see the same lineup back for this release. From the haunting melody of instrumental opener 'Nihilum' it is clear that whilst the retro thrash themes are still apparent. they have also channelled a much more Sepultura/Slayer/Annihilator sound as well as more modern bands such as Sylosis and it works a treat!

This time around 'James Rawlings' vocals appear even more vicious (check out 'Behind The Lies' or the title track for proof), it's as if the constant gigging has helped him channel his aggression and I genuinely started to fear for the safety of the microphone he used to record this! Likewise, the guitar work of 'Jason Chaikeawrung' and ''Chris Kenny' seems more relaxed, but with that comes extra brutality and those weird 'Slayeresque' solos are even more to the fore. Drummer 'Ste Dudley' should be nicknamed 'Dave Lombardo Jr' as his fills get ever more complicated and these are more than ably backed by 'David Jordan' on bass.

Incinery have also managed to write what will surely become their 'anthem' song. 'Legion' is a snarling monster of a track and judging by the huge sing-along to the groove laden chorus from the crowd, and the amount of Incinery 'We Are Legion' shirts in attendance when I saw the band live recently is testament to that. If this band had been around in the mid to late 80's they would have been huge. Of course it is much more difficult for that to happen these days, but if Incinery keep releasing material of this quality then who knows what will occur. I will be looking forward to either EP number three or a first full length album with intense interest and in the meantime seeing them gig as much as possible and annoying my street by turning both of their fantastic EP's up to 'eleven' on a regular basis!

Pictures courtesy of Oath Communications and Alison Richards

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Incinery - Nothing Left EP (2013) Review :: Comments

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Incinery - Nothing Left EP (2013) Review

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