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 Contrition - Reflections (2013) Album Review

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PostContrition - Reflections (2013) Album Review

Contrition - Reflections (2013)
Mighty Music -- Running Time 51:05

Metalcore and Modern Metal ...another two of the endless genre tags we have nowadays and even though, as I've said before, I would rather not label music, this particular genre name perfectly describes Danish band Contrition and their debut album 'Reflections'. It unfortunately also describes what I dislike about this style of metal and many of the bands playing it. I tend to think of Metalcore (or whatever you want to call it) as being at the heavier end of the alternative genre, probably because I'm not a big fan of that either but everyone has their own take on things so try and bear with me!

I hope I don't cause too many negative comments with this, but I am old fashioned and I like my metal bands to at least look a bit like metal bands. Now obviously you can dress any way you want, but...Contrition look like they should be playing Big Country covers and it just doesn't cut it for me (narrow minded, well yes it is but I'm sticking by it)! Of course the music is what really matters and before I start getting too negative, I will say that Contrition do have a few more strings to their bow than your average Metalcore band. There are elements of Thrash, Death and more Traditional Metal in their music which is a positive and considering their ages the members obviously have talent. There are some very decent riffs, breaks and tempo changes on 'Reflections' but they fail to achieve any level of success thanks to the screeches that pass for singing. Contradictory to the Press Release which describes the vocals as "brutal but emotional" 'Nico Paidar' has a monotone scream that reminds me of someone throwing up after a heavy night drinking and it ruins what could be good songs. Occasionally clean vocals are used as on 'Sunset Burns' but even they aren't brilliant and he sounds like a thousand other 'Metalcore' vocalists. Harsh vocals can be emotional, brutal, engaging and even melodic, sadly Paidar possesses none of those traits!

I've also alluded to the fact that 'Andreas Koll' (guitars), 'Josh Grant' (guitars), 'Morten Andersen' (bass) and 'Andreas Kleis Baars√łe' (drums) all sound like very accomplished musicians, although the proof of that would certainly be seeing them live, but they have also been let down by a very sterile and computerised sounding production courtesy of 'Jeppe Andersson' (Scarred By Beauty). It's certainly heavy and you can hear all of the instruments clearly but it feels lifeless and I feel a few too many buttons and switches were pushed and pulled in the studio!

I know a lot of you will disagree with me but for album number two I would prefer a more 'organic' live production and also hope that Contrition recruit a vocalist who can really do the songs some justice, otherwise they'll get lost in the plethora of similar sounding modern metal bands and I think that would be a terrible shame!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Contrition - Reflections (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Contrition - Reflections (2013) Album Review

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