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 Preview of the Rock & Metal Circus (20th-22nd September 2013 in the UK)

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PostPreview of the Rock & Metal Circus (20th-22nd September 2013 in the UK)

Event Preview of the 'Rock & Metal Circus' 20th-22nd September 2013
Stoke Prior Sports & Social Club, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK

Does the UK need another Rock & Metal Festival? At the large end of the scale 'Reading (and Leeds) Festival' is a completely different beast from what it was in the 70's and 80's, catering for dance and indie with barely a rock band in sight, 'Download' also appears to be going down a similar sort of route mostly championing the sort of 'rock' that these days I wouldn't shake a shit covered stick at (I yearn for the days when it was 'Monsters Of Rock') and 'Sonisphere (UK)' proved that trying to grow too big too quickly can turn around and bite you big time in the arse. At a medium level however, 'Bloodstock' has been a revelation, growing year on year, but still managing to retain the atmosphere and style of music that made it popular in the first place and long may that continue.

In recent years, at the smaller end of the scale, there has been a slew of activity, with events popping up all over the UK. 'Hammerfest', 'Hard Rock Hell', 'Firefest', 'Les-Fest' and 'SOS Festival' are just some that have proved extremely popular and that is the group that 'Rock & Metal Circus' is aiming to join. Why so many? Well, I suspect that it's partly because gigging and merchandise is where the money is these days and with many bands being unsigned or on smaller labels it's not always financially viable to tour all over the country or pay to get a support slot on a bigger tour. Also with some 'bigger' artists charging what can only be described as 'rip-off' ticket prices it gives us fans (who don't want to spend £400 plus for one nights entertainment) a much more affordable option to enjoy the music we love in a live setting and still have some change for beer, pizza oh and the important things like paying your mortgage! If these events are dotted about the country then there should be at least one or two that you can get to without having to travel too far and spending heaps just getting there. Starting a smaller festival isn't a guaranteed success though, as the organisers of 'Skyfest' have found out only this week, with it being cancelled before a single guitar has been plugged in!

So can 'Rock & Metal Circus' succeed? Well, that remains to be seen, proper organisation, sensible budgets, correct venue, ease of access, friendly staff and security, a worthwhile selection of bands, fans putting their money where it matters and buying a ticket, a whole heap of luck and last but not least decent toilets are all required but initial signs are that it certainly looks the part. I cannot vouch for the venue, I've never been before, but the lineup is certainly more than worthy of the ticket price which is £32.50 (including camping). 'Sacred Mother Tongue', 'X-UFO', 'Absolva', 'Jettblack', 'Knock Out Kaine', 'Headrush', 'Pig Iron', 'Lifer', 'Reign Of Fury', 'Dishonour The Crown', 'Breed 77', 'Stormbringer' and 'Collapse' are just some of the excellent bands appearing over the weekend, and the diversity in styles (the clue is in the title of the event), means that there will be something to please everyone who turns up. Nine of the bands appeared at 'Bloodstock' this year, which has got to be a pretty good strike rate and of course there will be plenty of other activities to keep the crowd happy from acoustic sets, circus acts and the 'Metal Jukebox' (which sees various bands members get on stage with each other for the first time and hopefully play a selection of metal classics) through to side stalls and food outlets! Some worthy sponsors are on board including the mighty Marshall Amplification and the event will also be raising money for the 'British Biker Relief Foundation' (BBRF) which helps and raises awareness for injured bikers. It sounds good doesn't it? but of course every festival promises similar and they don't always deliver on those promises. It is also a given that there will be some 'teething problems' Even established events get the unexpected thrown at them and that is all the more likely as this is the first year for the 'Rock & Metal Circus' so it will be interesting to see, not what problems occur, but how the organisers deal with them when they happen. That is always a good indicator as to how well something has been planned!

That I'm going to be there for the three days representing Brutiful Metal Radio (note to self 'Rick please be on your best behaviour') and witnessing everything first hand, hopefully interviewing some of the bands, taking plenty of pictures and 'cough' possibly having the odd beer is an intriguing one and something I am very much looking forward to. I might even try to be technology literate for a change and send 'live, as they happen' updates (we'll see). At the very least, a full event review and any interviews that take place will be published exclusively on the wonderful Brutiful Forums for your perusal (hey if you're in the area why not join me for a beer) and we'll all hopefully be able to decide if the 'Rock & Metal Circus' will turn out to be a snarling beast with sharp teeth that will be around for years to come or an empty cage where everyone has sloped off with their tails tucked firmly between their legs!

Preview of the Rock & Metal Circus written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Preview of the Rock & Metal Circus (20th-22nd September 2013 in the UK) :: Comments

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Preview of the Rock & Metal Circus (20th-22nd September 2013 in the UK)

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