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 Your Last Wish - Desolation (2013) Album Review

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PostYour Last Wish - Desolation (2013) Album Review

Your Last Wish - Desolation (2013)
Maple Metal Records -- Running Time 41:18

After experiencing some major lineup changes which sees guitarist 'Jean-François Gagné' as the only survivor from their 2007 debut, Montreal based Melodic Death Metal band Your Last Wish return with their second full length album 'Desolation'. They have recently signed a worldwide deal with Maple Metal Records which should see them receive more interest outside their home country, but only if they have the chops to back it up! After spinning this album a number of times I have to say that at the moment the answer to that question is 'not yet'!

If you are familiar with Your Last Wish the biggest change you'll notice is that they now have a female vocalist 'Roxana Bouchard', although debut album vocalist ' Martin Lalonde' does appear as a guest on the track 'Standstill'. It's fair to say that Roxana has a hefty set of pipes, mixing low and high harsh vocals pretty well. She has been compared to Angela Gossow on more than one occasion but other than the fact they are both female that comparison has absolutely no substance!

After a shortish instrumental intro, (imaginatively entitled 'Intro'), 'Crisis To Creation' hits the speakers and it's a pretty solid start. There is some very good musicianship on show from all the band members and the song contains much of what you would expect from a Melodic Death Metal outfit. Where Your Last Wish let themselves down though is that the next eight songs, and another short instrumental all sound the same and nothing sticks in my head once I've finished listening.

There are plenty of riffs and time changes, in fact loads of ideas permeate all of the tracks and that's the problem, there are too many ideas in each song. Rather than take the best of these and form them into some coherent songs with individual hooks and choruses that stand out from each other Your Last Wish have just lumped them all into every song and it has ended up turning 'Desolation' into one forty two minute 'all over the place' song, and not a memorable one. If you played me some of the riffs and vocal lines separately, I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you which songs they were from but I could probably make another one by putting them together in a different order! 'Desolation' is also somewhat over produced. Yes, you can hear everything but it's a bit too sterile for my liking.

There is plenty of talent here but Your Last Wish need to take a step back and concentrate on the song rather than proving to everyone that they can play well. Proficiency is all well and good but there are thousands of excellent musicians around, they'll not be remembered unless they write a memorable tune though and that's a lesson Your Last Wish need to learn!

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Your Last Wish - Desolation (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Your Last Wish - Desolation (2013) Album Review

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