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 Prey On The Fallen - Self Titled (2013) Album Review

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PostPrey On The Fallen - Self Titled (2013) Album Review

Prey On The Fallen - Self Titled (2013)
Independent -- Running Time 38:37

In a previous job, one of my tasks was to look through candidate job applications and then interview them and let's just say that many of them 'enhanced' their applications to look better than they actually were! I've always preferred honesty so it used to wind me up a bit. I get a similar feeling when reading some Press Releases/Biography's sent out with a bands new release! Look, I know a band and it's PR Company or Management have to try and sell the product, that's the whole point, but I've had to deal with some utterly crap blurbs recently and whilst some are open to interpretation depending on your like of a style or genre some just blatantly oversell themselves. I also do not like being told how a particular song is going to make me feel! Surely that's my job as a listener to decide?

California based Prey On The Fallen, whilst not the worst offenders, are guilty of the above when describing their self titled debut, but what's more annoying is they aren't a bad band. Granted, they're not going to set the world on fire (please listen to your music properly first before trying to describe it) but some honesty please!

Below are a selection of quotes from the bands biography and their 'translations'!!

"This combination has resulted in new metal music that is diverse, yet always appealing".
Prey On The Fallen are a basic Heavy Rock/Metal band and stick to a formula.

"Overall, the music is heavy and exciting with an abundance of groove".
Prey On The Fallen are a basic Heavy Rock/Metal band and stick to a formula. (that answer sounds familiar!

"Kurt Loun’s vocals are incredibly strong, mesmerizing and authoritative, with a tone that is completely unique".
Kurt Loun is a pretty good Heavy Rock/Metal vocalist.

"Mark Bouras is a virtuoso guitar player that provides tight and aggressive rhythm playing in conjunction with masterful solos".
Mark Bouras is a pretty good Heavy Rock/Metal guitarist.

"All members of Prey On The Fallen are lyricists, songwriters and collaborators".
Prey On The Fallen write songs together.

"Finally, for those who enjoy a good cover, Prey On The Fallen has transformed the iconic Eagles’ song “Hotel California” into a metal masterpiece".

Prey On The Fallen have covered an iconic song and have completely failed to understand what made it iconic in the first place, transforming it into a mess!

I could go on and on but I hope you get my drift. Prey On The Fallen play throwback heavy rock and metal with some good riffs, occasional groove and it has been very well produced, but it's formulaic. They sometimes sound like Twisted Sister (no bad thing) but it's not unique or original. There are hundreds of bands out there doing this sort of stuff.

It sounds like I'm being very rude but Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. As a drummer myself I actually think many of the songs on here would be pretty good fun to play and I do indeed have a big soft spot for this album (apart from the aforementioned Hotel California because it's been pretty much ruined), but if Prey On The Fallen had said 'We are a Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal band and that's what we play' I would have had a lot more admiration for them (It works for Motorhead). Imagine a slightly more heavy rock orientated Anvil, play it at a party with some mates and beer and it will go down a storm. Try and read anything more complicated or original into it and it will leave you cold!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Prey On The Fallen - Self Titled (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Prey On The Fallen - Self Titled (2013) Album Review

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