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 The Self Titled - Defaced (2012) Album Review

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PostThe Self Titled - Defaced (2012) Album Review

The Self Titled - Defaced (2012)
Unsigned/ Roarrock -- Running Time 40:13

Every so often a band comes along, kicks you very hard in the proverbials and shouts "Oi You, Listen NOW"! Believe me when I say 'The Self Titled' have done just that and I am listening intently because their debut album 'Defaced', released in 2012, is an absolute beast of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. 'The Self Titled' reformed in 2010 and in the three years since have amassed a huge CV of impressive gig, festival and biker rally appearances pummelling an ever growing fan base into utter submission.

If you want to know what the band sound like then imagine pitting The Almighty, Alice In Chains, Chrome Molly and Metallica against one another in a UFC Cage! If you did that then 'The Self Titled' would be the referee and they wouldn't stand any damn nonsense. From the opening track 'Soul Control' to album closer 'The Silence', 'Defaced' is forty minutes of top quality performances, riffs, solos, groove and most importantly songs. Yes the band have gone through their fair share of bad luck and lineup changes, indeed vocalist 'Mark Campbell' and rhythm guitarist 'James Forrester', who appear on this album, have since been replaced by 'Daniele Gatti' and 'Jim Tebbs' respectively, but, and it's a very big but, the new lineup is stable, I have witnessed them live and incredibly enough they are even better!

'The Self Titled' just have that knack of writing hard hitting mid to fast paced tunes that swing, rock and were made for headbanging to, you just cannot help yourself. This sort of stuff is why I have made metal and rock my life for the last thirty one years and as a drummer myself these are precisely the sort of songs I love to play! 'Twisted', 'Running Scared', 'Stomp'...the list is endless because not one of the ten tracks on offer are anything less than brilliant. What makes this all work is that 'The Self Titled' don't over complicate things, focussing purely on the composition and delivering the finished product with an abundance of enthusiasm! Daz Towner's guitar work is infectious from the word go, Paul Brander's drumming is thumping and really solid and if you want to hear how a bass guitar should sound and be played then look no further than 'Steve Saunders'. His bass lines are huge, clear in the mix and work perfectly with the drums but they don't ever overpower anything else.

If you hadn't already guessed by now then I really love the 'The Self Titled'. With the band hard at work preparing material for a new album to be released next year and plenty of gigs being lined up, the 'Clarion Call' of "Oi You, Listen Now" is one that is going to be heard on a much more regular basis from now on. Fail to listen at your peril!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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The Self Titled - Defaced (2012) Album Review :: Comments

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The Self Titled - Defaced (2012) Album Review

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