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 Balls Deep - A Thousand Nights (2013) Album Review

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PostBalls Deep - A Thousand Nights (2013) Album Review

Balls Deep - A Thousand Nights (2013)
Self-Released -- Running Time 40:29

'Balls Deep'! That has to be a strong contender for 'Band Name Of The Year' and if you have seen this four piece from Stoke-On-Trent, UK gig then you'll know why. They are another of the bands that crossed my path for the first time at the recent Rock & Metal Circus Festival and the enthusiasm and energy that they produced on stage was second to none all weekend! My wife commented that she had not seen a band that energetic on stage since Pantera, and Pantera is a pretty good starting point for what Balls Deep and their debut album 'A Thousand Nights' remind me of. This album was officially released at their brilliantly received performance on the Jagermeister Stage at this year's Bloodstock Festival, a performance which has raised their profile considerably, especially for a band that were only formed in 2011 when ex members of 'Long Time Dead' and 'Exhibit' joined forces!

If you can imagine a less Southern & sludgy version of Pantera & Down mixed with a rap metal free Pro-Pain and a touch of Def-Con-One, but also wrapped up, especially on several songs, with a more modern metalcore sound then that's what I hear in Balls Deep! Now, I know (and you should do too by now) that anything Metalcore is quite a subjective issue for me as are barked, monotonous harsh vocals but Balls Deep bypass those two issues because firstly they have, in Rich 'Bez' Beresford, a vocalist who has huge variety in his voice and, like Phil Anselmo, can actually sing when the song requires it and secondly they have the songs. 'A Thousand Nights' is full to the brim with groove laden, kick you in the nuts metal that'll have you moshing like your nether regions have been trapped in a vice!

Kicking the album off with the track 'Bitch', Balls Deep do not hang about, going straight for the jugular, a point admirably backed up by the following 'Handbrake' and then the title track, which is where 'Bez's' singing voice first appears amidst the unholy and thoroughly enjoyable roars. 'Pool Dam' is next and once again is a epic footstomper utilising singing and harsh vocals. 'A Thousand Nights' continues in this vein with masses of variety in pace, but always with melody! Last song 'Fingerprints' is a valiant attempt to go down more of a ballad driven route. It's a great song to end on but, at nearly seven minutes, it is a little too long and the band also lack guitar solos but that is countered somewhat by the catchiness and heaviness of the riffs.

'Bez' is joined by the fantastic musicianship of Paul 'Hinge' Priestly' (guitar), Roy 'Swampy' Beetham (bass) and Rob Broad (drums) and together they are as tight as a Nun's privates before anyone has gone balls deep! This is a fantastic debut album which should definitely be snapped up and with a tour being planned for early 2014 Balls Deep are a band you really have to see live to experience their power!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Balls Deep - A Thousand Nights (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Balls Deep - A Thousand Nights (2013) Album Review

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