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 Schemata Theory - Dry Lung Rhetoric (2012) Album Review

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PostSchemata Theory - Dry Lung Rhetoric (2012) Album Review

Schemata Theory - Dry Lung Rhetoric (2012)
Self-Released/ABAF Records -- Running Time 55:12

This is the definition of Schemata Theory courtesy of ETEC 510;
"A scema (plural: schemata) is an abstract structure of knowledge, a mental representation stored in memory upon which all information processing depends. It may represent knowledge at different levels, e.g. cultural truths, linguistic knowledge or ideologies. They are mental templates that represent a person’s knowledge about people, situations or objects, and which originate from prior knowledge or experiences."

My stored memory, prior knowledge and experiences suggest I shouldn't like Schemata Theory (the band). They are tagged as a metalcore band, and far be from me to keep repeating myself, but that genre doesn't snap my chain. However, as a good friend of mine said recently (and it's something I completely agree with), all these sub genres in metal and rock are getting out of hand. At the end of the day it's all just metal and rock and it should be judged purely as such. Based on that comment Schemata Theory and the brilliantly entitled 'Dry Lung Rhetoric' are superb. There is so much more to this album than just 'core' music, and that is more than backed up by the fact I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them live recently as well! Yes, I'll admit that the twin harsh & clean vocals of 'Myles Dyer' and 'Luke Wright' take a bit of getting used (especially for an old fart like me), but once it clicks they work very well together. Several times I was reminded of the band Scar Symmetry (who I love). Fans of this vocal style will find a lot to love, but it's musically where Schemata Theory really shine for me. Thought provoking, progressive, heavy, melodic and beautiful are all words I scribbled down when making notes for this review!

Intro 'A Dark Dawn' is a gorgeous instrumental piece that you initially wouldn't expect to hear from a band of this nature but that is what makes Schemata Theory stand out. You really cannot pin them down style wise. Launching into the heavy 'Perish Or Prevail' works well because it immediately shows how diverse this lot are. I was impressed by how quickly I liked the material here, although the more you listen the more you get out of the album. There are songs that stand out though and they all appear in the second half of the album. I don't know why that is but from 'Six Into Three' onwards everything seems to ramp up a notch. 'Shedding Skin', the very ambitious and brilliant nine minute plus instrumental 'Crisis Unveiled' (I can hear elements of Iron Maiden in that one), haunting 'Your Belief', the Dream Theater feel of 'A Brighter Future' and album closer 'The Final Breath' which is 'Dry Lung Rhetoric's' best song. If this track is a clue as to where the band are heading then I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Musicianship is superb throughout. Guitarists 'Huw Roch' and 'Mario Scinto' are both extremely talented as is bassist 'Carl Quanstrom'. Drummer 'Joshua Barreto' didn't join until after this was recorded but having seen him live I know he's good. In fact it was vocalist Myles Dyer who recorded the drums, proving he's a bit of a dark horse! This is all wrapped up with a scintillating production that flies out of my speakers like a really heavy thing!!

Do me a favour and for once ignore the genre tags. I'm sure there will be those of you who still dislike the vocal approach and that's fine, but please judge this band on what they've actually recorded rather than what someone else says they sound like, including me! Go to their website and you can listen to all the songs for free. I guarantee they'll be a few of you more than surprised by what you hear!

Review written for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Schemata Theory - Dry Lung Rhetoric (2012) Album Review :: Comments

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Schemata Theory - Dry Lung Rhetoric (2012) Album Review

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