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 Meta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The Flesh (2012) Album Review

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PostMeta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The Flesh (2012) Album Review

Meta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The Flesh (2012)
Depraved Records -- Running Time 47:19

I have a hugely wide ranging taste when it comes to metal and rock but Meta-Stasis are right on the outer limits of the scale, in fact they probably tip that scale and go scurrying off into the distance like a mutated alien. Debut album 'When The Mind Departs The Flesh' is BRUTAL stuff. 'Extreme, Experimental, Technical, Industrial Death Metal' would be the stupidly long way of describing their music. 'Unnerving, Uncompromising and Ungodly' would be another, but I'm going to stick with a third description and that's 'Utterly Compelling', even though there is no way I would be able to recommend this to some of my friends who have more reserved tastes! Meta-Stasis are the aural equivalent of a real life SAW movie, albeit one that goes horribly wrong, is written by Clive Barker, directed by David Cronenberg and is five times as sick and violent as anything Jigsaw could come up with!

Formed in 2012 by members of Ted Maul and SikTh (two more pretty extreme acts), I first heard of Meta-Stasis at September's Rock & Metal Circus Festival. Even though, at the time, I was unfamiliar with the material, their musicianship was incredible, and that was what made me go and speak to the band briefly after their set and get hold of this album. I now know the tracks a lot better although I'm still not sure I could explain in any detail exactly what is happening on this CD! For someone who is not that used to hearing, or indeed enjoying, stuff this heavy the nearest I can get to an influence, other than the two bands already mentioned are Biomechanical. but this is way beyond anything they did!

Ted Maul vocalist 'Soloman.J.Lucifer.Christ' is suitably named here, because it's his guttural and satanic roar and the incredible sound effects that are sometimes used on his voice that take this release to the bestial depths that Meta-Stasis inhabit. Listen to 'We All Must Die' or 'Space Occupying Lesion' and tell me your blood doesn't curdle when hearing them! This isn't a one man show though! As already mentioned the quality of musicianship is astounding. Guitar solos are at Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) levels of technicality, the drumming is murderously complex but never fails to drive the music and the samples (admittedly not my favourite aspect of metal when used) do add tremendous atmosphere to proceedings.

If you are aware of the definition of Metastatic Disease, then you'll understand how perfectly named this band are. 'When The Mind Departs The Flesh' is one of the best extreme albums I have heard and with Meta-Stasis in the process of recording album number two with 'Scott Atkins' of Grindhouse Studios then my blood has frozen in anticipation of what exhilarating monstrosity will appear next!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Meta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The Flesh (2012) Album Review :: Comments

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Meta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The Flesh (2012) Album Review

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