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 Black Acid Souls - Interview (At Rock and Metal Circus Festival 2013)

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Reign In Metal

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PostBlack Acid Souls - Interview (At Rock and Metal Circus Festival 2013)

Black Acid Souls- Interview

Rock and Metal Circus Festival Saturday 21st September 2013

A few days before attending the Rock & Metal Circus Festival I did some research on Black Acid Souls because, up to that point, they were a new name to me and I knew I would be interviewing them! I don't know if it was a good or a bad idea that I did that because, as I found out (and you will too) you never know what is going to happen! They are a great band and put on a storming set, but off stage guitarist 'Chubbs' and singer 'Flakey' are two of the funniest, and two of the nicest, guys you are likely to meet. I just hope that some of the sarcastic UK sense of humour comes across in this interview! Let me just say this was conducted with me constantly in a state of pain from laughing so much! Of course they did answer questions sensibly as well but you'll have to spot when and where that was! Don't say I didn't warn you...

Rick: If you can give a brief history of the brand (yes I was nervous and did say brand) and tell us how it all came about?

BAS: Hang on a brief history of the brand, the band or the brand?

Rick: Both...Brand Black Acid Souls!

BAS: Oh Black Acid Souls!

Rick: The brand that is Black Acid Souls!

BAS: It would help if we knew what band we were in wouldn't it? Right, Black Acid Souls. We are Black Acid Souls, we consist of 5 members, that's one..., two..., you're gonna have to help us out!

Rick: Three is it three, I'm not sure!

BAS: Three, four, yeah four!

Rick: Four, what's after four?

BAS: Five!

Rick: Five?

BAS: Yeah!

Rick: Okay.

BAS: Yeah two lead guitarists, two rhythm guitarists, a bass player, a drummer and a singer.

Rick: That's seven!.

BAS: Yeah the lead guitarists and the rhythm guitarists We swap obviously!

Rick: So they double up?

BAS: What we do is we do something most bands don't do you see, we do rhythm when one's playing lead.

Rick: And lead when one's playing rhythm?

BAS: Correct! And lead when the other one's playing rhythm!

Rick: That's unique!

BAS: You know I don't know where that concept came from or how we came up with it!

Rick: Bloody good concept.

BAS: But!

Rick: It works for you?

BAS: (Chubbs) Well no!

(Flakey): It does for me coz I can just ignore them!

(Chubbs): I don't know where the bass fits into there but it adds a bit of bottom!

Rick: It adds a bit of bottom?

BAS: (Chubbs) I'm liking the bottom.

(Flakey): On girls yeah!

Rick: I knew this was gonna be good!! (laughing)

BAS: I like a bit of two tone top as well.

Rick: Two tone top?

BAS: Yeah.

Rick: And bottom?

BAS: Well you see Marshall's got...

Rick: Erm who's Marshall?

BAS: I don't know but apparently his missus...we haven't seen her yet but she's good!

Rick: She's good is she?. A two tone top and bottom?

BAS (Chubbs): Ohhhhh God yeah. So we've heard!

(Flakey): Well I've seen the pictures but I haven't had any!

Rick: Right okay. Well that's good. Now the album 'Deadly Sins'?

BAS: (Chubbs) I've got to show him now haven't I?

Rick: Have you?

BAS (Chubbs): Just bear with me!

Rick: Erm Okay.

BAS (Chubbs to Flakey): Keep answering questions so it doesn't get boring

Rick: Right the albums been out about a year now...yes?

BAS (Flakey): He's now getting pornographic pictures on his mobile phone. We won't go into what brand of mobile phone, but they have had an upgrade recently!

Rick: But we will go into what brand of pornography?

BAS (Flakey): Yes.

(Chubbs): I've just been phoned by the wife.

(Flakey to Chubbs): Is that the photographs?

(Chubbs): No you're alright.

Rick: Your eye's perked up then didn't they?

BAS (Flakey): Well she is a model.

(Chubbs): Do you want me to show him first?

(Flakey): Go on then.

Chubbs then proceeded to show me a very not safe for work image!!

Rick: Oh my God!!. You really don't get many of them to the pound!

BAS: You don't!

Rick: No you don't!

BAS: Well you said two tone top and a bit of bottom!

Rick: Well that fits the bill nicely doesn't it?

BAS: It does, I've got my phone on silent so I will text the wife which is always good!

Rick: That's good!

BAS: When she's saying can you give me a ring!

Rick: Just don't text her the picture!

BAS (Chubbs): Shall I phone her in the middle of an interview, am I allowed to do that?

Rick: Of course you can, go on be different. Hang on everyone he's just phoning his wife.

BAS: I'll let her know that I'm actually in the middle of an interview. if I put her on loud speaker she swears a lot!

Rick: Okay.

BAS (Chubbs on the phone): Hello my darling how are you? I am currently in the middle of an interview and it's still recording so what did you want? What do you want? Right, you'll have to wait till I get home for that...You're what?

Rick: Do you want me to carry on with you Flakey?

BAS (Flakey): Yeah we can carry on.

Rick: Okay so the albums been out about a year?

(Chubbs still on the phone): Right

Rick: How's it been received, are you happy with the response?

BAS (Flakey): It's been received really well.

(Chubbs still on the phone): alright got you.

(Flakey): But we are planning on going back in the studio soon.

Rick: That's brilliant.

BAS (Flakey): We're gonna do a 3 song EP!

Rick: That seems to be the way forward at the moment doesn't it with bands?

BAS (Flakey): Yeah and then we'll add to it you know, we have a good producer that we've got lined up, not sure I can say who it is!

(Chubbs still on the phone): Right got you.

Rick: Ahh right.

BAS (Flakey): But yeah we're very pleased.

(Chubbs still on the phone): Yeah, well once we've finished the interview!

(Flakey): Yeah very pleased.

Rick: Yeah!

BAS (Flakey): Very, very, very, very, very, very, very!!

Rick: That's lots of very's?

BAS (Flakey): That's all I'm saying.

Rick: That's cool!

(Chubbs still on the phone): I love's you I does. I love's you (lots of tonguing sounds)

Rick: Now Flakey?

BAS: Yes.

Rick: You had a bit of a turn earlier in the year didn't you?

This is a serious bit because Flakey had a really bad reaction to penicillin and nearly died but during the interview it was still dealt with humorously

BAS (Flakey): Yes I did.

(Chubbs to me): That was your missus!

Rick: My missus?

BAS (Chubbs): Yeah!

(Flakey): But I'm alive!

Rick: I'm allergic to penicillin as well, I haven't taken it since I was a kid so...

BAS (Chubbs): I'm allergic to singers.

(Flakey): The adrenalin, the etheradrin and the electronic paddles on your chest is kind of a good kick start charge, it kind of brings you round a little bit.

Rick: What on earth happened?

BAS (Flakey): All my life I've had penicillin!

Rick: And it's never been a problem before?

BAS (Flakey): I had one tablet and went to bed.

(Chubbs): Which is a rare occasion!

(Flakey): It was the first tablet of the course. I went to bed and about two hours later I woke up really itchy. I looked in the mirror and my neck was about three times the size it should be, I could hardly breathe and then I felt my heart stop!

Rick: Shit!!

BAS (Flakey): And then suddenly a paramedic was there going "code red I'm losing him".

(Chubbs): Can I stop you for two seconds. How he actually felt his heart stop was that he had to force his arm down his throat.

Rick: Oh did he?

BAS (Chubbs): Yeah and go that's stopped, fuck me that's stopped!

Rick: Did you try and massage it back into life?

BAS (Flakey): The paddles did that, electronic!

Rick: But you're alright now?

BAS (Flakey): Yeah I'm good.

(Chubbs): Canoe paddles not electric paddles!

Rick: Oh I see right.

BAS (Chubbs): Yeah, so he was standing there with these big oars...

Rick: You do come out with some great concepts don't you? This is very unique.

BAS: Yeah!

Rick: Please carry on You guys are brilliant. You've been pretty much touring all year so what do you prefer, life in the studio or life on the road. I mean nowadays touring is so important to make money

BAS: Life on the road

Rick: ...bands make their living don't they from gigging and merchandise?

BAS (Flakey): Yeah.

(Chubbs): No!

Rick: No?

BAS (Chubbs): Well we don't no!

(Flakey): We don't.

(Chubbs): We give a lot away.

Rick: You give a lot away?

BAS: For us it's not about making money!

Rick: At all?

BAS: Never has been, never will be! For us it's about giving the fans what they want. So then we ignore that and then just play what we want!

Rick: Playing what you want is another unique concept!

BAS: It works really well and everyone seems happy at the end of the day! That's what we strive to do. As long as they're happy with what we've done we're happy and if they're not happy with what we've done then we're not happy. If you don't like it then why didn't you like it, how can we improve it, make it better?

Rick: One thing I really did notice last night, and it goes back to having four guitarists in the band is that the lead guitar work is fantastic!

BAS: Thank you!

Rick: From both of you it's awesome, you know the two leads work brilliantly. It's cracking stuff!

BAS (Chubbs): We came up with that idea because I can't actually play the guitar!

Rick: Can't you?

BAS (Chubbs): No, and neither can the other guitarist! What we do is we had some guitarists record stuff for us and then we mime.

Rick: You play it through a tape at the back do you?

BAS (Chubbs): We pretend to play.

Rick: Okay. (remember everyone that I'm laughing lots here)

BAS (Flakey): Actually he's lying!

(Chubbs): Yeah, sorry about that, because the truth is the bass player has two little MP3 players in the back of his bass and when I announce the song he presses play you see.

Rick: Wow, I'm learning so much here!

BAS (Chubbs): But then I'd be lying again because it's the drummer. He has speakers in his toms and they've got microphones underneath...

Rick: Sorry, You lost me when you said "the drummer".

BAS (Flakey): Drummer?

(Chubbs): Yeah, what's a drummer, it's one of those funny dudes that...oh by the way did you notice that we call him 'Hoff'? (you might have noticed that the band all have nicknames)

Rick: Yeah.

BAS: Do you know why we called him Hoff?

Rick: No, I've got no idea!

BAS: Because we like to hassle Hoff!!

Rick: Oh that's brilliant!

BAS: He never got it!

Rick: Wait, he didn't get it?

BAS: Not to start with, he has now! Two months down the road he's thinking for God's sake guys what are you going on about...

Rick: As long as you never end up sounding like him. I mean you don't want to sound like David Hasslehoff do you do you, he's done some euro pop trash.

Bas: David Hasslehoff who's he? Who are you talking about? Oh...Baywatch!!

Rick: Well he's American but he's big in Germany apparently.

BAS: Pamela Anderson and...Argh we're getting to the bottom of things again aren't we? Let's get back to the music.

Rick: Yeah that's probably a good idea. Now I've got to ask you about the 'Eyes From a Moshpit' interview you did! (An extremely hilarious video interview that the band did which can be checked out on YouTube if you get the chance).That was so funny I mean the guy interviewing you looked totally flabbergasted and didn't know what was going on. I was sitting there in hysterics watching you lot.

BAS: Awesome!

Rick: I think it was one of the best interviews I've ever seen and he probably doesn't realise that!

BAS: As you just probably gathered we don't take ourselves too seriously!

Rick: No you don't!

BAS: We take the music seriously but we don't take ourselves seriously.

Rick: I think that's a fantastic way to be!

BAS: They can't see your expression on the radio (I think I was crying with laughter by this point) Beer, I was just thinking about beer. Sorry, my mind wandered, sorry what were we saying, oh yeah not taking ourselves too seriously, Beer, Jack Daniels, yeah we don't take ourselves too seriously!!

Rick: Is that the best way to be do you think? Young at heart?

BAS: Sorry, did you say is that the best tasting beer? We have got our own beers you see!

Rick: Yeah I've heard, I was gonna ask you about the beer. I've not tried it yet. How did that all come about because now that's fantastic. You see quite a few of the bigger bands do beer, champagne and wine etc!

BAS: No, we started that.

Rick: You started that?

BAS: Yeah.

Rick: This was another unique Black Acid Souls concept then?

BAS: This is before Trooper and all that, it was about 2 years ago.

Rick: That is pretty early, so they all jumped on your band wagon did they?

BAS: They jumped on our band wagon! We posted that we had a beer and now they've all started going right let's do one. Bloody cheek!! No, what actually happened and here's a funny story. We went to a birthday party for Metal Heads.

Rick: Is there any other sort of party?

BAS: It was a kids birthday party and everyone was wearing metal skull caps! One
of the people there was a brewer, a guy called Julian Church hence the J Church Brewers name

Rick: Right.

BAS: All his beers are church themed. Now he brought some beer to the kids party, you can see where this is going can't you? We drank lots of beer and I sort of said jokingly why don't you brew us one, that would be awesome. We carried on but other people started mentioning it, and then I dragged him outside and said you need to make us a beer we are in a band and we are called Black Acid Souls. He went wow, I kind of like that idea and he made us a beer called 'Black Acid Souls' which is a very dark ale, as dark as Guinness if not darker with, well it's got a funny orange tinge to it, darker than Guinness. So when you pour it you don't get a white head, you get a creamy...

Rick: Well does it give good head.

BAS: Oh yeah, twice a night, it gives you...

Rick: Twice a night?

BAS: Yeah both barrels! It gives you a, what does it fucking give you, an orangey creamy coloured head. It's like eating a Sunday dinner when you drink a pint isn't it, it is absolutely lovely, and it's good in a pie coz I've had a butcher put it in a pie.

Rick: What like a steak and ale pie sort of thing yeah?

BAS: Steak and ale pie is a good idea!

Rick: You should market that one next Black Acid Souls pies. (laughs)

BAS: Yeah!! So we brewed that beer and then our album called 'Deadly Sins' was due to come out. When did that come out? Last year?

Rick: It's nearly a year now

BAS: Was it September last year?

Rick: Yes

BAS: So we said our albums coming out. When was that?

Rick: Last year.

BAS: Last year! So we said our albums coming out. When was that?

Rick: It was last year!!

BAS: Was it last year, so I said how about we do another one called 'Deadly Sins' because that's sort of got a church theme hasn't it!

Rick: Yes it has!

BAS: Now we've got thirteen songs on the album, we're on about a beer not the album so we came up with the concept of having a citrusy beer, now with the album being called 'Deadly Sins' and having thirteen songs we thought it's got to be 7% beer (that's extremely strong by the way) because there are seven deadly sins with thirteen songs and that is unlucky for some apparently.

Rick: Is that lighter in colour?

BAS: It's a really light beer. A little bit lighter than normal lager but my god it's deadly and he sort of looked at us and went what!!! 7% I've never done a 7% before it's not gonna work, you can't do a citrus thing and we just said no... if you're gonna call it 'Deadly Sins' and you're doing it for us you've got to do it that way! So he went away and researched it for a while and probably came up with a few in the process, we actually went into the brewery and helped brew it and tried it for the first time!

Rick: And you all fell over?

BAS (Chubbs): Well I had 2 pints and that was enough for me!

Rick: Really?

BAS: Really!! I had one and I was struggling. It's a put you under the table drink. It was like drinking lemon and lime ale so it goes down incredibly easy. It was just like oh man that's cool, that's so cool so that was Deadly Sins! At which point he then approached us and said I've got to keep this going.

Rick: So he's keeping both of those going?

BAS: Oh yeah he's got them both going but then he said I need to do another one for you guys.

Rick: Well you're doing an EP tie it in?

BAS: No, no! We already have a another beer out. On the album we've got a song called 'Seekers Blood' so where do you think that one's going?

Rick: I think it could be going to a third beer and...

BAS: And red in colour!! and here's the funny thing it's fruity and it's lovely. We were gigging in a foreign country called Wales!

Rick: Wow, that's a long way away isn't it?

BAS (Laughs): So we went into this shop that sells energy drinks because we were shattered and thought oh my God we need some energy and bought some energy drink that had pomegranate and blueberry in it!

Rick: Blueberry's my favourite!

BAS: Right, so we're sitting there drinking and started thinking wouldn't it be good if we could have a third ale that's red and tasted of pomegranate and blueberry so the ale actually has pomegranate and blueberry in. The brewer then put a test batch in a local pub for himself before we even managed to taste it! It was our concept, our name of song!

Rick: How rude!

BAS: Very rude! So we give him a good kick up the arse and said where is it and we went to the pub and the pub said we've sold out! Now bearing in mind he'd only had it on sale one and a half hours all 72 pints had gone before we had a chance to get there and have one!!

Rick: This is proving it could be quite a thing for you isn't it?

BAS: Oh we have already won 3 awards! One was the band award, number two was the psycho ward and number three is the ward where Flakey died briefly. We've brought some with us for the weekend!

Rick: Have you?

BAS: Yeah.

Rick: I'm gonna have to try some!

BAS: Yes you can.

Rick: Fantastic.

BAS: Awesome. When all the festivities today end you can. You probably heard us last night?

Rick: Yeah I did hear some funny noises...

BAS: Yep, that was the 'Seekers Blood'.

Rick: Is that what it does to you?

BAS: Yeah. We're struggling today, I don't know where I am!!

Rick: Just as well you haven't got to play today isn't it really?

BAS (Chubbs): I'm glad I've sat down to be interviewed because this is the first time I've sat down in four weeks!

(Flakey): He's laid down a few times.

(Chubbs): And that was just trying to put shoes on!

Rick: I was gonna say there's no wonder your head has gone yellow! (many bands and fans were wearing knitted character hats courtesy of Pam's Happy Hats

BAS: So getting to this EP thing yeah!

Rick: Yeah. Tell me more about the EP.

BAS (Flakey): Are we allowed to say who's producing?

(Chubbs): Yes we can because it's confirmed and it's booked.

Rick: Fantastic.

BAS: Okay, we realised that our album sounds nothing like we actually sound live!

Rick: Right!

BAS: We've not been happy with the album production, not the actual album. You know, we couldn't have done a better job musically. Production wise it is shit! Everybody says that it sounds really good but from our perspective it's shit.

Rick: You know what you want to sound like...

BAS: Well, you heard us last night! We sound a lot different to the album and this is the problem we're getting! We're turning up at places to play and they say oh, you don't sound nothing like your album and argh, that's not good.

Rick: No it isn't!

BAS: So we're better live than on the album I think! We made a few phone calls, held a few people down and beat them with wet kippers and gave them £1.20 and various other things, a couple of Mars bars and a dead fish! In the bands eyes there are three producers in this world that are worth working with within the metal business! Number one is Chris Tsangarides, Number two is Andy Sneap and Number three is Russ Russell! If you ain't got one of them three you ain't getting an album as far as we're concerned! So we thought right, we actually know Russ Russell pretty well, we actually know Andy Sneap quite well and we don't know Chris Tsangarides.

Rick: Okay.

BAS: So we went to Chris Tsangarides. We don't know him, we've never met the guy, we've seen his pictures we know who he's worked with you know the likes of Black Sabbath.

Rick: He's worked with everyone!

BAS: He's like one of the Gods So we thought, well, you've got Andy Sneap and Russ Russell doing all the modern bands, Killswitch Engage and Evile you know we're not really seeing the metal side of Chris Tsangarides of late. You know he's done a few but of late it's more of the rock and not metal which is where he started. So we thought actually we'll go with Chris Tsangarides.

Rick: And that's definitely all confirmed and everything now is it?

BAS: Yeah!

Rick: Brilliant, he's gonna make it sound awesome guys!

BAS: Well you just listen to anything he's produced it's phenomenal!

Rick: There's not a bad album that I can think of, off the top of my head.

BAS: But we're not gonna do the whole album in one go. We're doing three tracks first over a week and then put that out as an EP initially. So the new album will be maybe towards the end of next year but they'll be an EP and a video coming out well, I think it will be more like spring myself.

Rick: April some time like that?

BAS: Yeah.

Rick: That's gonna be fantastic and I can see why you've got that grin on your face coz that is a coup for you isn't it.

BAS (Chubbs) I'm sitting here with a semi thinking about it!

Rick: It must be something about that chair!

BAS (Chubbs): You're sat on a chair where several men have had semis! Well it's alright because I live in a semi, so constantly I have semis! There's just too many good looking women around!

Rick: I think you see more women at events now than you used to!

BAS (Chubbs): Oh yes, we're very pleased with that! I mean, I am a happily married man, I may point that out on occasion, no, I adore my wife! I don't know how she puts up with me, I really don't!

Rick: It's your sense of humour I reckon.

BAS: I wouldn't put up with me! Actually I think it's the fact that we don't actually see each other!! Ahh look it's HeadrusH. Join our interview, join our interview!

Rick: To you Brutiful readers, HeadrusH are now joining the interview!

HeadrusH: Hello!

BAS (Chubbs): So guys have you been here long, have you played yet?

HeadrusH: Yeah, yeah, we've been on yeah!

Rick: I can sit down now and let you do the job Chubbs!

BAS (Chubbs): Was it good?

HeadrusH: Yeah it was ace!

BAS (Chubbs): You were good actually!

HeadrusH: You were wank, Nah, not really!

BAS (Chubbs): A couple of girls at the back were enjoying it anyway.

HeadrusH: Well that's ok, that's what it's all about isn't it?

BAS (Chubbs): Anyway, that's where we're heading at the moment as far as the album and EP.

HeadrusH: We'll leave you to it!

BAS (Chubbs): You're welcome!

Rick: Cheers guys, HeadrusH are now leaving the interview!!

BAS: You know, but on a serious note!

Rick: Do you ever actually do serious?.With a face like that it doesn't look like you do serious!

BAS (Laughs): You've probably noticed that we do a lot of charity gigs. Now I'm not one to say oh you know we're brilliant but we're doing the Rock For Diabetes show in November!

Rick: A very worthwhile cause!

BAS: We do Sophie Lancaster and we do Help For Heroes, it's something we are passionate about. People enjoy us and we want to give something back at the same time! It's what we're about really. It's about giving isn't it and I do try to give as often as possible!!

Rick: There's nothing wrong with that but that means that sometimes you don't mention you're a happily married man!!

BAS: Oh yeah sorry, I'm a happily married man but I do like to give, as opposed to receiving!

Rick: Giving is good!

BAS (Chubbs): I took a Viagra last night and it got stuck on the way down. I've not managed to wash it though yet! Yeah, so we have a new drummer!

Rick: Yes you do

BAS: What was his name?

Rick: Hoff.

BAS: Ahh Hoff. He's in there all day today (points to the stage) doing the drum tech!

Rick: Actually he put our gazebo up for us yesterday.

BAS: Yeah he did!

Rick: This is a drummer that can multitask it's incredible!

BAS: He can't do that on stage though!

Rick: But you know, he's very good!

BAS: You're happy, you like what you heard then?

Rick: Absolutely!

BAS: Shall we keep him then?

Rick: I think you should.

BAS: I mean we're on about our 48th drummer now. We've gone down the Spinal Tap route!

Rick: Do they keep exploding?

BAS: Yeah, ,they do! We came up with another concept this year...

Rick: Another one?

BAS: We have lots of concepts! We come up with the concept earlier this year that if we actually had drummers that we just kept rotating then we could just sack them whenever we felt like it. That's not a bad idea. (directed at my wife Helen) What do you reckon?

Helen: I've got to be careful what I say now being married to a drummer!

BAS: You're a drummer?

Rick: Yeah!

BAS: Do you want a job? When can you start?

Rick (Laughs): Helen has already started the drummer jokes on me today!

BAS: Were you bad?

Rick: No!!

BAS: Well you're not really musicians are you? You're percussionists!

Rick: I get that a lot! (Laughs). She told me to check out Hangfire's guitarist and
said "He's the one holding the guitar. I'm telling you that because you're a drummer"!!

BAS: She had to make it clear! You know he might have been handing it to someone else!

Rick: That's right. I suppose he could have been handing it to one of the four guitarists in your band!

BAS (Chubbs): He could have been hanging off it, while it was on fire!

(Flakey): Shall we come up with a concept of hanging off of guitars whilst they're on fire?

(Chubbs): No because that would hurt. We don't do hurt., apart from neck injuries.

Rick: Just hang the drummer off his kit!

BAS: We tried hanging an old drummer once but, hey?

Rick: You've got tattoos you must do a little hurt.

BAS: No! We're dead against them.

Rick: I was thinking of getting one today!

BAS: Don't get em!

Rick: No?

BAS: No, absolutely we're dead against tattooing!

Rick: Dead against it.

BAS: Yeah it's against our religion! We only do it once or twice a week!!

Rick: Not a lot then?

BAS: Well actually it's about every 2 weeks, I've just had the top of my arm done, Just had another two! Don't get any tattoos will you because it's not a good thing. (Laughing)

Chubbs then proceeded to show us his just about all of his tattoos

Rick: They are great

BAS (Chubbs): Hey everybody's got to have a skull dude playing something haven't they.

Rick: Of course!

BAS (Flakey): Mines singing look. Now he had a singer but I don't know why because he doesn't sing,

(Chubbs): I've got a dude that plays a guitar but that's really the bass player with his mp3 thingy! Hey, here's the Hoff! Hoff...Hoff where have you been? We told you we were being interviewed by some dudes that wear brut!! (sigh)

(Hoff): I didn't know it was now!

(Chubbs): Come and sit down dude. I think we're half an hour into it now so you've missed most of it!

(Hoff): Well I'm here!

Rick: Well done and thank you for putting our gazebo up!

(BAS) (Chubbs): And thank you for the interview cheers. Right we've got to go, bye!! (laughs)

Then the sound engineer Dennis turned up to talk to Chubbs and he was hilarious. Black Acid Souls were techs for all the other bands this weekend doing a fabulous but ultimately extremely busy job!

(Dennis to Chubbs): No, we've got to make up ten minutes!

(Chubbs): Yeah!

(Dennis): Yeah. Yeah so tell your drummer we've got to crack that!

(Chubbs): This is the sound engineer on stage by the way. Introduce yourself where do you come from?

(Dennis): Burton-On-Trent.

(Chubbs): And how long have you been there?

(Dennis): I've been in Burton-On-Trent since 1963.

(Chubbs): And how much weed have you smoked since then?

(SE): Argh man good God! I introduced half the Midlands to it, I became a hippy at 16, I was the first black man at Glastonbury, that was the second Glastonbury festival ever and I've been mixing music for 40 odd years now!

(Chubbs): So who told you that you were black?

The following story contains a word that many find offensive these day so I've starred it out but you'll get the drift when reading the story. If anyone does take offence I humbly apologise but as Dennis was indeed a Black Man, and he used the word, then I thought it would be safe to let this run!

(SE): I have a story to tell you from a few years back man! These guys were shooting some pheasants across the road and I got up one morning and I heard this bang! bang! bang!, I went to the window and looked out and these guys wore big hats and things, had shotguns over their arms and dogs running everywhere. I says what you doing? They says (in a toffee nosed UK accent) Oh! we're here to shoot old chap. So I said you ain't shooting ni****s are you? He goes umm and he looked at me straight and I said because if you are I sure ain't seen none today boss!!!. Well these you know these toffs was rolling about all over the place going whar, whar, whar, whar, whar, man I was pissing meself man so I'm in me bed and I skinned up and they were falling all over, I was pissing meself, come on man, let's be civilised!!

At this point everyone in our Gazebo and in the immediate area who had been listening were  literally falling over with laughter. This wasn't an interview it was more like an audition for a comedy show and I was actually crying!

Rick: Oh, That's a brilliant story!

BAS (Chubbs): All that and his first name is Dennis!!

Rick: Thank you so much!

(Dennis): If you ever see me on the facebook just ignore that son of a bitch, the tax man been looking for that bastard for the last 20 years. Who is this man, I've never seen him before!!

BAS (Chubbs): Yeah so Hoff he says be quicker, stop slowing the songs down!!

Rick: Does he have a habit of doing that then?

BAS (Chubbs): Oh all the time.!

Rick: Do that do you Hoff, slow the songs down?

BAS (Hoff): No! Did you hear it last night?

Rick: I did.

BAS (Chubbs): No, I didn't

Rick: You couldn't hear it at all?

BAS (Chubbs): All you could hear was some lunatic on a drum kit!

(Dennis): If you see the stage crew just tell them that we've got to cut everybody!

(Chubbs): Tell Andy from me, he's the stage manager by the way, Five minutes!

Rick: Everybody's here at the moment!

(Chubbs): No just tell him I'll sort it. Right on that note we've gonna have to leg it!

Rick: No worries guys, that was quite something!

BAS (Chubbs): Appreciate the Brut aftershave, we splash it all over!

Rick: And I appreciate all of your concepts I think there's some awesome ones in there!

BAS (Chubbs): So drink more beer!

Rick: And two tone top and bottoms?

BAS (Chubbs): Oh God yeah!

With that, they were gone to sort out stuff on stage. I caught up with the guys regularly over the course of the weekend and they were nothing less than brilliant for the whole Festival and worked damned hard to make everything run smoothly. Black Acid Souls really are a fabulous band and even though they question the sound of the 'Deadly Sins' album it is still a great listen (read my review here
acid-souls-deadly-sins-2012-album-review). There is no doubt though that getting Chris Tsangarides to produce album number two is a blinding move and it will sound huge! In the meantime if you do get a chance to catch them live then you won't regret it and go and say Hi as well. They don't bite too much!!!

Interview written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Black Acid Souls - Interview (At Rock and Metal Circus Festival 2013)

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