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 Exit State - The Salutation Inn, Nottingham, UK 8th November 2013 (Live Review)

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PostExit State - The Salutation Inn, Nottingham, UK 8th November 2013 (Live Review)

Exit State
The Salutation Inn, Nottingham, UK 8th November 2013

When I saw that Exit State were playing 'The Salutation Inn' in Nottingham it was a no brainer! I already know what a great live band they are after seeing them support Nightvision a few weeks ago and 'The Sal' is a venue I have been to on a number of occasions before and always enjoyed myself. This gig should also have been the first time I had seen the band Fantasist who, like Exit State, are signed to Rocksector Records! Unfortunately, due to illness, Fantasist were unable to make the journey so it was down to Exit State to provide all of the live entertainment for the evening!

Upon arriving at the venue, what greeted me though was a huge disappointment, but I might add this had absolutely nothing to do with Exit State. I'm under no illusions as to how hard the music way of life is. I'm in a band myself, very rarely do I get paid anything and I am well aware that what could be a goodish crowd at one gig can turn into four or five people and a dog at the next. My band is small fry though and we barely qualify as part-timers! Exit State, on the other hand, have three very good albums out and are signed to an excellent label. This was a Friday night at a good rock pub and it was cheap to get in. Quite frankly, people of Nottingham, you should be ashamed of yourselves!! I know times are hard but unless people start coming out and supporting bands then they'll not bother coming back and you'll be the first ones to moan that there is nothing to do! Don't forget things aren't handed to bands on a plate these days. Most also have full time jobs but they still need to pay for the petrol to travel up and down the country as well as a host of other stuff! At the very least, the people that did manage to show their faces screamed their hearts out and I thank them for that!

What you all missed, by the way, was a fabulous and modern tinged rock show from Exit State who played a longer set to make up for Fantasist not being around. What really drives them is the rhythm section of bassist 'Phil Ireland' (who also provides great backing vocals) and drummer 'Peat Hicks', both of whom are extremely gifted players, and they work together like a dream. We were even treated to short bass and drum solos and a funk driven shared song, which has all the elements of a MacAlpine or Satriani track without the guitar and something that Phil said they are looking to do a bit more of in the future. Singer/Guitarist Roy Bright is also fabulous to listen to and watch. He possesses good range, can supply rock or more balled driven vocals and has a wonderfully cheeky sense of humour. Compared to my previous encounter with them live, guitarist 'Matt Harris' seemed a little quiet, but it certainly didn't affect his playing. They played a good selection from all of their albums 'Death Of A Rockstar' (2010), 'Black Veins (2011) and 'Let's See It All' (2013), all of which are definitely worth listening to, and they put a smile on the faces of every single person in that venue, which is all you can ask for really!

I could continue and tell you about the erm...'unusual cross section' of people that turned up later in the evening to listen to Manowar, Joan Jett, and Alter Bridge tracks being played by the DJ (actually I could write a whole chapter about how funny that was) but it would detract from who this review is actually about. If you get the chance PLEASE check Exit State out (they have just released their new single), go and see them live and for that matter support local and upcoming bands before they start to disappear!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Exit State - The Salutation Inn, Nottingham, UK 8th November 2013 (Live Review) :: Comments

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Exit State - The Salutation Inn, Nottingham, UK 8th November 2013 (Live Review)

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