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 Dunkelnacht - Revelatio (2013) Album Review

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Reign In Metal
Reign In Metal

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PostDunkelnacht - Revelatio (2013) Album Review

Dunkelnacht - Revelatio (2013)
WormHoleDeath/WormHoleDeath Japan/Aural Music -- Running Time 42:49

I really wasn't sure what to expect from Dunkelnacht and their album 'Revelatio'. Firstly they are from Lille, France and with all due respect that country it doesn't have the richest population of decent metal bands and secondly they are described on their Facebook page as Black/Death/Extreme Metal and that could cover a myriad of sounds! This journey began in 2004 as a one man ambient/melodic project with guitarist 'Heimdall'. Since then Dunkelnacht have become a fully fledged band and had many lineup changes. This might account for why the Press Release calls 'Revelatio' a debut album, but the bands biography states this is in fact a second album which is a little confusing.

After listening a few times, and yes it is fairly extreme, this album is proving pretty damn fine. It incorporates, what I would call, modern melodic death metal with black metal vocals, some piano work that enhances the songs beautifully ('Through The Reign Of Lunacy' and 'Enthroned In The Light' are great examples) and some stunning guitar work. This is not the sort of Black Metal sound that old school fans are going to appreciate. There is plenty of quite abstract stuff going on here and the production is fairly meaty. Imagine Dimmu Borgir, Dark Tranquility, In Flames and my perennial favourites Scar Symmetry getting in a room together to jam and they might come up with something similar to this.

'Frost' uses mainly very harsh black vocals with occasional forays into clean singing, 'Alkhemohr' provides some very intricate bass work and drummer 'Max Goemaere' plays everything from blast beats to groove laden rhythms, although I'm finding it hard to accept that a lot of this wasn't done with a drum machine because it all sounds very computerised which is a shame! 'Emergent Primitive Constellation', 'Dissolved Fractal Esoterism' and 'Rebirth of the Black Procession' (Scar Symmetry could definitely have come up with those song titles) are all great tracks and the album flows very well!

I still think Dunkelnacht can do better than this though and with hopefully a now solid lineup the next album will be even better. Next time around a few less blast beats and a drum sound that actually sounds real will also help enormously! In the meantime extreme metal fans could do a lot worse than checking out 'Revelatio' which grows on me the more I listen!

Review written for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Dunkelnacht - Revelatio (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Dunkelnacht - Revelatio (2013) Album Review

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