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 The Browning - Hypernova (2013) Album Review

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PostThe Browning - Hypernova (2013) Album Review

The Browning - Hypernova (2013)
Earache Records/Century Media -- Running Time 46:11

Before I get going properly can I ask this? What possessed these guys to call themselves 'The Browning'? I hope there is a good reason because otherwise it's an awful name. If someone can enlighten me then please do! I've not heard of this lot before but they do have two EP's and a debut album 'Burn The World' (2011) already out and their style/genre of music is a completely new one to me!

'The Browning' describe themselves as Metal/Electronica and mix Death Metal and Metalcore with Dubstep and Trance. In actual fact, musically, the metal aspect of things takes a back seat with the guitars of 'Collin Woroniak' being very low in the mix. Imagine a full on 'Ministry Of Sound' album, add a bit of guitar, blast beats and Deathcore harsh vocals and that is what this band sounds like!

I'm really not a fan of this vocally. I'm repeating myself but I like harsh vocals to still have diversity and 'Jonny McBee' doesn't do diversity. This style of just screaming incessantly into a microphone does nothing for me at all. There is no light and shade. I know you have to have a certain something to be able to achieve it properly I just wish people wouldn't! Musically however, and I am amazed I'm saying it, this is quite addictive in places. Listening to the whole album in one go, at home, does get a bit tedious (although in a club I could see it going down pretty well), but in smaller doses and especially on the songs 'Slaves' with its eastern influence and 'Fearplex', I found myself tapping my feet and nodding my head!

Of course I'm not about to announce that I'm a convert to dance music, that just isn't going to happen, but you do have to admire a band who are trying something this different, even if it doesn't ring your bell. Ending the album on a full trance remix is a complete no-no as well!

'The Browning' (please do something with that name) are a complete oddity. I'm not a fan of dance music or screamed monotone vocals so why was my foot tapping in places? Perhaps I need to lie down or up the dose on my meds! Anyway, if you are a fan of either branch of music then I can see crossover appeal. Everything is screaming that I should hate this, but I just cannot bring myself to be that harsh!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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The Browning - Hypernova (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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The Browning - Hypernova (2013) Album Review

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