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 Denners Trickbag - Self Titled (2013) Album Review

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PostDenners Trickbag - Self Titled (2013) Album Review

Denners Trickbag - Self Titled (2013)
Target Records -- Running Time 40:08

Now this is a very interesting little album and completely unexpected. If the name 'Denner' rings any bells, and it certainly did with me, then firstly, yes it is that 'Michael Denner' and it won't be what you're expecting if you know him from his Mercyful Fate and King Diamond days, or indeed the 'Force Of Evil' project, this is a completely different beast but a very good one!

I always loved the guitar work on the early MF and KD albums and thought it was very underrated, now Mr Denner has returned with his 'Trickbag' and once again proves what an extremely talented guitarist he is. Formed just over a year ago 'Denners Trickbag' were put together with the intent of recapturing the sound of the hard and progressive rock bands of the 1970's and he's made a damn good stab at it. Collecting some very well respected, but pretty much unknown Danish session musicians and friends to make up the band this album is one big slab of very enjoyable rock!

Joining Denner are 'Lars Berthelsen' (vocals & percussion), 'Peter Domptorp' (lead & slide guitar), 'Flemming Muus' (bass) and 'Kim Hageman (drums & percussion) and if you know and love bands such as Mountain, Montrose and Tempest then this will be a must. I can also hear influences from Sammy Hagar's solo work, Rush, Jethro Tull, Blue Oyster Cult and the more recent Black Country Communion (whose sound of course also harks back to the 1970's).

On first listen I wasn't sure if opening track 'Ethiopia' was the best one to start the album, but it grows on you. Mainly an instrumental track, it's powerful but I still think it would be better placed further into the CD. However from next song 'Wasteland' this album grabs you by the short and curlies and kicks dust in your face! There is also a good cover of the Montrose track 'I Got The Fire'

Apart from the excellent guitar work what I am really impressed with are the superb vocals of 'Berthelsen'. who has a really healthy set of pipes with the required amount of gravel. Think early Coverdale and Paul Rodgers mixed with some of the quirks of Ian Anderson! This is also excellently produced (it's so nice to be able to hear the bass guitar properly). It's modern sounding but the mix is perfect for the era the band are trying to capture!

I love Rock and Metal in many guises so I can really appreciate 'Denners Trickbag' but of course I won't expect all younger Metalheads to feel the same way. This is definitely out of the 'retro' box, but if you like very well played catchy hard rock then you'll not go wrong checking this out!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Denners Trickbag - Self Titled (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Denners Trickbag - Self Titled (2013) Album Review

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