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 Butcher Babies - Goliath (2013) Album Review

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PostButcher Babies - Goliath (2013) Album Review

Butcher Babies - Goliath (2013)
Century Media Records -- Running Time 41:39

In an age when females can become 'celebrities', 'famous' and seen as role models by a young and easily manipulated society by simply going out and being photographed getting out of a car sans underwear and usually having nothing in the way of talent, (unless you call a set of ugly plastic tits 'talent') then I was a little unsure about actually listening to and reviewing 'Goliath' the debut album from Los Angeles based Butcher Babies. That is because the two female vocalists 'Heidi Shepherd' (Harsh) and 'Carla Harvey' (Clean) undeniably use their bodies and sexuality to promote the band. Don't get me wrong I am a bloke and I love a good looking female, but I've never been fond of it being used, to this degree, as a weapon to get your band 'noticed' and I suspect that a number of their 'fans' are males who care very little for the music and are just content to 'knock one out' over the endless amount of risqué pictures of the two of them that are plastered all over the internet! To counter that opinion slightly it is also obvious to anyone that has heard of The Plasmatics and Wendy O. Williams that Butcher Babies sound, look and band name are heavily influenced by the New York Punk Metal group!

Regardless of that, after listening to the album a number of times, I've got to hold my hands up and say 'Goliath' is actually a very good and enjoyable dose of crushing metal and if you like In This Moment, bits of Arch Enemy & Slipknot and the groove of Pantera then you'll find a lot to like about Butcher Babies. Both ladies put in a great deal of energy, passion and pure power into their vocals (although personally I find Heidi's harsh delivery a little too shrieky sometimes) and they are more than ably backed by guitarist 'Henry Flury' (Amen), bassist 'Jason Klein' (Azdachao) and drummer 'Chrissy Warner' (Scars Of Tomorrow)!

Riffs fly at you from all directions, drums and bass thrash out powerfully, all the songs are 3-4 minutes in length and they have the required groove, melody and catchiness to get you moshing big time. Opener 'I Smell A Massacre' leaves you in no doubt as to the ability of Butcher Babies and sets the scene for a pretty fine 41 minutes of music. Best song on offer here is the title track with an absolutely bullet like riff and groove. Mention of 'Give Me Reason', 'Grim Sleeper' and 'Axe Wound' must be made and lyrically the theme of a disintegrating society is also quite interesting!

This is not a perfect release by any means and there is room for improvement and growing maturity within the Butcher Babies ranks but it's a very solid start. If Heidi and Carla can manage to concentrate a little less on exposing their tits an arse and a little more on the music then there could really be something worth following here!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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Butcher Babies - Goliath (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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Butcher Babies - Goliath (2013) Album Review

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