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 CADAVERIA - Horror Metal (Undead Edition) (2013) Album Review

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PostCADAVERIA - Horror Metal (Undead Edition) (2013) Album Review

CADAVERIA - Horror Metal (Undead Edition) (2013)
Bakerteam Records -- Running Time 58:13

Rick was naughty again and had a pre-conceived idea of what Italian band CADAVERIA would sound like, based on their look, artwork and obviously the name of the album. I was expecting something much more Lordi style 'Shock Rock'! What I wasn't expecting was a very heady mix of Black, Death and proper Gothic Metal (no operatic soprano vocals here which makes for a very refreshing change). 'Horror Metal' is CADAVERIA's fourth album and was originally released in early 2012 but, apparently, due to its popularity, has been given a special release with two bonus tracks. Personally, I don't see the point in doing that. If you're going to re-release something that quickly then at least put a little bit more than two extra tracks on it, especially for the true fans of the band who spent their hard earned cash on the original!

That's a different argument anyway, and one I'll gladly continue if anyone wishes me to do so. As for the album itself I'm pretty impressed with this. Female vocalist 'Cadaveria' (yep the band is named after her) has a huge variety of different singing styles in her arsenal and is good at all of them. From a demonic growl, which reminds me in places of Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) to some great melodic singing and everything in-between she has all the bases covered. I would say King Diamond was obviously an influence and musically there are some Mercyful Fate references as well. I can also hear Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Falkenbach, early Black Sabbath and Rammstein! That's quite a mix isn't it, but it all works very well because CADAVERIA have managed to create something of a unique style. Lyrically it's very interesting as well. Cadaver (Cadaveri) means 'a dead body to be used for dissection' and the lyrics are full of death, spells, evil and the complete and utter wastage of life. It's all very cinematic in style and it comes as no surprise that 'Cadaveria' (the vocalist) thirsts for knowledge, has a huge interest in cinema and film and is also a video maker!

She's not the only one in the band though! 'Frank Booth' and 'Dick Laurent' play some very tight and catchy riffs and there are some excellent, if short, solos. They manage, like the vocals, to effortlessly swap between Gothic mid pace riffs to out and out black metal within a heartbeat. Bassist 'Killer Bob' also plays some good lines but if anything I would like the production to be even more bass heavy and drummer 'Marçelo Santos' puts in a great performance and it actually sounds like a human is playing thank goodness. I really like 'Horror Metal' and will be seeking out CADAVERIA's other albums and a double DVD that was also recently released. If I do something like that then it means my inquisitive side has been well and truly 'tweaked'

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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CADAVERIA - Horror Metal (Undead Edition) (2013) Album Review :: Comments

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CADAVERIA - Horror Metal (Undead Edition) (2013) Album Review

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