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 R.I.P.SAW - An Evening In Chaos... (2014) Album Review

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PostR.I.P.SAW - An Evening In Chaos... (2014) Album Review

R.I.P.SAW - An Evening In Chaos... (2014)
No Remorse Records -- Running Time 52:10


In recent years a plethora of bands have decided to reform, many because the Grunge movement all but destroyed any chance they had of signing a record deal and some because they failed to work together as a team and 'personal issues', or similar, got in the way. Quite often we remember these bands well and are really pleased they've decided to give it another go (Hell), others leave you scratching your head and wondering why they bothered (I'll not be rude so insert band name here)! In R.I.P.SAW's case, they are so obscure that hardly anyone appears to have ever heard of them, apart from the band themselves and Mark Shelton (Manilla Road) who produced their early material which was never released anyway, even as a demo! Formed in 1986 in McPherson, Kansas they played early style Thrash Metal, gigged, including some supports with Manilla Road and then very quietly and quickly disappeared!

In 2013 the four original members Brian 'Mantis' Taylor (Vocals, Guitar), Micha 'Doomsday' Kite (Guitars), Steve 'D.Death' Dorssom (Drums) & Eric 'Knuckles' Mulvaine (Bass) met up at a gig and decided to make, somewhat curiously, a documentary charting their brief career. Said documentary was released at independent film festivals (and is included on the two disc version of this release), unfortunately I don't have that to review, but what I do have are all the previously unreleased tracks and five new songs which the band have recently recorded and do you know what? This is a great listen and makes me wonder how many hundreds of other bands wrote some decent tunes but never got the chance to prove themselves to a larger audience. Of course this release will need good promotion because it's not like we are all desperate to hear their output, but I would strongly suggest that if you are fans of Destruction, Sodom, Megadeth, Testament, Death Angel, Celtic Frost, Venom, and others that you give R.I.P.SAW a fair hearing because 'An Evening In Chaos...' is going to be a worthy investment for you!

R.I.P.SAW have decided, wisely, to put the five new tracks on the CD first, not because they are better, but obviously the production is more up to date then on the original material (although the snare drum could do with being more in your face). Kicking off with 'Evening In Chaos' is a good call. There is no intro just rip roaring metal with thunderous double bass drumming and furious riffing. 'The Tempest' has an early Megadeth fronted by Destruction's 'Schmier' feel to it and this leads directly into the best of the new tracks 'The Serpentine Deluge of Serendipity' which is a fabulous statement of intent. 'Enter Thy Kingdom' follows with a delicate acoustic intro that then pounds your skull into mid paced submission and final new track 'Make Us Crazy' is an almost bottleneck short Country song that ups the humour content and breaks the album up nicely!

After those, which could easily have been released as a standalone EP, you get the 'nine' tracks recorded in the 80's. Yes, there is a noticeable difference in production values, but this in no way detracts from the quality of the songs which are all very good indeed and represents really good value for money, especially when you take the DVD in account as well. When I was listening to these I found myself thinking that R.I.P.SAW sometimes sounded like a thrash version of Primus (for instance 'Born In The Grave') and that is a good thing because they do have their own identity and sounded as hungry then as they do now! Artwork by Kostas Tsiakos, known for his work with Warlord, is also very good and adds to the collectability of this CD.

However popular, or not, this band were back in the day I'm incredibly pleased that R.I.P.SAW decided to give it another go and hope a full length original album is on the cards in 2015 because I for one will be purchasing it!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley

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R.I.P.SAW - An Evening In Chaos... (2014) Album Review :: Comments

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R.I.P.SAW - An Evening In Chaos... (2014) Album Review

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