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 Resin Interview - Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014

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PostResin Interview - Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014

Resin Interview
Bloodstock Open Air Festival 7th-10th August 2014

As you are now hopefully aware of, I am personally interested in promoting great new, small, unsigned and independent artists and bands that larger publications won't give the time of day to. Not only do FATangel Management (Angel isn't fat by the way) look after Balls Deep, who I also interviewed at Bloodstock, they also take care of Alternative Rock/Metal group Resin who were playing not only the 'New Blood Stage' this year but also an acoustic set on the Jagermeister Stage! Resin need to be taken care of as well. This was my first time meeting them and seeing them play live and to say they are quite a handful is an understatement. Interviewing them was a pleasure but it contained plenty of laughs!

Once we had found a quietish spot, the lovely Angel (I'll collect my money when I see you next!!) got ready to film and take pictures of the interview which resulted in plenty of name calling, 'Camera Bitch' being the most popular! Once we had finished giggling like a bunch of school kids and spent ten minutes making sure all the relevant equipment was actually working we got underway!

Rick: It's great to meet you guys!

Resin: Nice to meet you too

Rick: I'm not actually here as press this weekend but I write for Brutiful Metal Radio and it's important that I try and give some publicity to the smaller bands, so that's why when Angel contacted me and said do you want to do Balls Deep and Resin I said yeah, no problem!

Resin: That sounds like an offer that does! (cue lots more childish giggling from myself and the band) Hey, who said you had to be grown up when doing this job?

Rick: Well bigger bands get plenty of publicity, the magazines don't give a shit about you so I know you need the exposure!

Resin: Yeah man, definitely!

Rick: Where are the new bands gonna come from if they don't get any publicity?

Note: At this moment one of my friends 'Ru' walked past, I said hi and her reply was 'Toilet'...

Resin: Is that where she's going or an insult at you?

Rick: Erm I don't know to be honest! (cue more laughter)
Ok guys, that was the first time I have seen you live and it really impressed me. You're a damned sight heavier and funkier live than you sound on the debut album!

Resin: I think a lot of people are quite surprised when they hear our first album and then see us live!

Rick: Well Angel did say to me by all means have a listen to the older material but the production isn't brilliant!

Resin: Yeah, that's fair but you can still hear the vibe of the band

Rick: Absolutely but when I received your new single 'Burn', I was like 'Wow'. Compared to the older stuff it's just fantastic!

Resin: Cool! Have we started yet?

Rick: Err yeah, we've started (laughter)

Resin: Oh right! (more laughter)

Rick: So how do think....

Resin: (Pointing at my Dictaphone) Does that thing record sweat?

Rick: Yeah it does, it has a lot of secret tricks in it! So tell me, how do you reckon that went today. I thought it was a great set and considering you were playing on Saturday at midday, and other bands were on at the same time, you didn't get a bad crowd did you?

Resin: We had a good crowd yeah. It was rammed from the front to the back when we started. Then when Crowbar started playing on the main stage a few people left but a lot of people stayed and there were plenty of new faces we hadn't seen before watching us which is absolutely awesome. It's a humbling experience!

Rick: It must be indeed. You have played the acoustic stage here before haven't you?

Resin: Yeah we played the Jager stage last year

Rick: And you're playing that again tomorrow aren't you?

Resin: They offered it to us again yeah! How jammy is that?

Rick: Very! When I got the stage times and saw you were playing acoustically as well I was pleased and I'll certainly be there to watch you!

Resin: Yeah, well it's a totally different vibe isn't it?

Rick: Yes it is! You actually started off as an acoustic band didn't you?

Resin: That's right yeah! Just as a three piece. We all met up at various open mic nights playing different stuff and eventually got together playing some Alice In Chains!

Rick: It's nice to have the acoustic angle to fall back on isn't it because not every band can do acoustic material?

Resin: Yeah man definitely, a lot of heavier bands turn down acoustic stuff coz they try and it doesn't work. I mean a lot of our songs we tried as well (laughs)

Rick: Well I'm sure some of them don't work for you, but you know?

Resin: That's it yeah but some of them do because we have the most amazing guitarist and on the acoustic he's just got this kind of almost flamenco style playing!

Rick: Fantastic! Now I'm not being disparaging or rude when I say this but when you see you guys up on stage you aren't a typical metal band are you?

Resin: No, no we're not and that's on purpose because everyone dresses in black and you ain't gonna get noticed if you dress the same as everyone else! We wear loud shirts and...

Rick: Plenty of beards (laughter)

Resin: Yeah, yeah, exactly, yeah!

Rick: And you do something a bit different which I think is great actually!

Resin: I think everyone has got to try and have their own individual style of band. We don't try and have an image. We just go on there in what we're comfortable with. If you see us next weekend we'll be wearing the same shirts!

Rick: Well that's good. You're just yourselves and that's what makes you different!

Resin: Definitely man and hopefully that comes across when we're performing?

Rick: It does!

Resin: We just like being us. I think a lot of bands when you see them, they don't look like they're enjoying it whereas we like to have a laugh on stage and enjoy it!

Rick: I think you have to enjoy it and laugh!

Resin: Yeah man definitely, that's why it's a band. If it ain't fun then why are you doing it?

Rick: Precisely! I noticed the last song you played today was the new single 'Burn' and that is a blinding track!

Resin: Cheers Bro!

Rick: Well I listened to it 3-4 times before coming here and I just think it's a real step up! Now I know it's a while since you did the first album, so how is the new one coming along and when is it likely to be released?

Resin: Well, it was planned for the end of the year but think it's probably gonna be the start of next year now. We don't want to rush it, we want to take our time and get it right because of the disappointment of the first album. Yeah, we want to get it spot on. We're working with Simon Gimli Cliffe at CM Studios and he's helping us out a lot. We're just spending all the time we need to. It will be ready when it's ready not when some PR person says it needs to be!

Rick: But that's one of the great things about being a 'self-signed' band these days isn't it? You can do things at your own pace and you have no-one telling you what to do!
(You might be wondering what 'Self-Signed' is. Recently, many bands have started to use that term instead of 'Unsigned', especially if they are happy to do things themselves and aren't, in the long run, worried if they sign to a label whether it be independent or otherwise)!

Resin: Yeah, definitely, That's important as well

Rick: Sod the bigger magazines as well as they aren't interested!

Resin: No, fucking Kerrang loves us! (laughter)

Rick: Yeah, like hole in the head probably! But I see this problem more. Kerrang and more recently Metal Hammer going down the route of either not bothering with newer bands or focussing on the 'scene bands'

Resin: Exactly understand where you're coming from because they've got to sell copies but it's hurting them in the long run. You need some variety!

Rick: Yeah, a bit of variety, you don't want to read about the same thing all the time

Resin: And anyway can you imagine what we would look like with paint slapped all over our faces and like really tight skinny jeans? We'd be in Kerrang but....

Rick: that a good thing? 30 years ago it might have been a good thing but not so much now!!

Resin: You know and hats off to Bloodstock for doing the New Blood Stage because none of the other Festivals bother with it!

Rick: No they don't, this really is my favourite Festival

Resin: Bar none!

Rick: The camaraderie and atmosphere is just fantastic!

Resin: Yeah, definitely, forget Metal it's just a Music Festival! Apart from Glastonbury no other Festival does unsigned bands to this degree

Rick: And that's why I love it because it's important, especially considering who I write for, that we cover unsigned and independent bands

Resin: Yeah, absolutely. Do you know, this is our drummers (Danny Finch) first festival EVER?

Rick: Really?

Resin: Yeah, and we don't mean playing we mean visiting! This is his first ever shitting in a bucket experience! He is absolutely in fucking heaven, he loves it!

Rick: It's an incredible feeling isn't it. My first was 1984, but that's going back a bit too far

Resin: Do you know I was four then!

Rick: Four!!! Jeez, I went to Monsters Of Rock to see AC/DC and Van Halen etc

Resin: You Bastard! (laughter) And look at how Bloodstock has grown. It's a classic example. It's getting bigger, stronger and more well known and it's because they're not rushing it, they're taking their time! And again the opportunity they give new bands is just amazing. It's like Metal To The Masses!. (Another concept/competition run by Simon Hall which travels up and down the country looking at new bands in different regions, with the winners going on to play Bloodstock)

Rick: Exactly!

Resin: Simon Hall, the amount of time he puts into flying all over the country to put it together is absolutely awesome!

Rick: Even for the bands that don't get through to the finals, they still get great exposure and it helps album and merchandise sales!

Resin: Well last year we got to the final and we didn't win! Basically we were like we're winning this fucker next year because we'll want it even more. We put in so much more effort and that was our goal for the year. Just having a taste of that little bit of success in a full room drives you on to do it even more!

Rick: And it snowballs doesn't it?

Resin: That's right yeah. They get a bit of flack from some people as well when a particular band doesn't win, but it's like don't be like that just enter again next year and you'll want it so much more! It was quite weird as well with the amount of bands last year who didn't come back this year. Some of them just can't be arsed!

Rick: Well that's silly isn't it?

Resin: Yeah man, but it's cool because as fans of music we get to hear new bands all the time and it's all good quality too!

Rick: But they just don't get the publicity they deserve in the bigger publications!

Resin: Yeah, Fucking Murdoch Twat!

Rick: Yes, can I print that ?

Resin: Yeah, oh you can definitely print that! Quote "MURDOCH, TWAT!"

Rick: Jolly good

Resin: Another thing you can quote is "Simon Hall, don't shave your beard again!" (Lots of laughter)

Rick: Very true! Someone posted a picture on Facebook the other day of Johnny...

Resin: ...Johnny Vegas!

Rick: Yes...Johnny Vegas (UK comedian and actor) and they are the spitting image of one another when Simon doesn't have a beard! I couldn't believe it (more laughter)

Resin: Got to use that one later (continued laughter)

Rick: So come on then, talk us through the new album and what you're hoping for?

Resin: Well like we said there is no time span, but it will hopefully be out at the start of next year with a little three month tour to promote it!

Rick: How do you feel the material has progressed

Resin: Well Danny coming in as drummer has given it a more metal heaviness!

Rick: Well I'm a drummer so I know how much of a difference it can make depending on your style. Some people don't think it makes any difference but it does!

Resin: Oh, it makes a big difference but it's not a conscious decision, we're not a band that goes into the band room and says we want to sound like this or this. We just start playing something and see what comes out. Whatever comes out Danny has definitely made it harder and louder! He given us more technical drumming as well

Rick: Well I noticed that today actually, there was just that vibe and a lot fuller and fatter in sound!

Resin: Yeah, so the album will be whatever comes out. It's probably over half written and we've got enough songs that just need finishing off to work out the rest of it. Recording wise we've just done the single at the minute and we'll go back in again when the rest are finished! We are using CM Studios in Coventry and Simon (Gimli Cliffe) is a nice dude. We like recording there because we get free crisps!

Rick: Oh well...Free crisps are always a bonus!

Resin: Free crisps and Vocalzones as well (pastels for singers with irritated throats) Free Vocalzones yeah, always a good thing!

Rick: Awesome

Resin: Yeah it is. 'Gimli' is nice to work with, he's alright!

Rick: It's always good when you find a producer that understands you and what you want to try and achieve!

Resin: Yeah, we reckon he does. He's one of the judges on 'Metal To The Masses' so he's seen us enough times live! Our first album didn't capture what we are like live and the second album has got to capture what this band is all about!

Rick: Well, as I said, the single has already upped the quality, it's amazing!

Resin: We had a good review on that song yesterday actually!

Rick: Well I'll be reviewing it soon too!

Resin: Awesome, and Angel showed 'Gimli' that review and he was just over the moon! So yeah I think we're definitely heading in the right direction. We've also started doing a bit of screaming. I've always sounded like a girl and I couldn't do it before. It's taken me a long time to get there, that's why I'm doing a bit more screaming now

Rick: Well you've got to do what you're comfortable with!

Resin: But we don't want to lose the singing bit!

Rick: No...I don't want you to lose the singing bits either! So many bands just scream now!

Resin: Yes they do

Rick: Musically they're great but so often the vocals spoil it! You need to mix it up!

Resin: Yeah, coz you kind of want people to like it when all of a sudden you hit a high note (or in my case not hit it) and then leave them surprised when you do screaming. It's like 'Okay, this isn't bad'!

Rick: Hey, It's great you can do both!

Resin: Yeah, and then it's the bass lines as well. This man knocks off some beautiful bass lines. Solos as well. I've not heard solos being played that much over the weekend and it's not just our guys playing it's the sound they get as well!

Rick: Yeah, it all makes such a big difference

Resin: A total package, and they make it look so effortless as well!

Rick: That's something I definitely noticed. You all went up there, no bones and no effort!

Resin: Did it look like we had fun up there?

Rick: It did. People could see you were having fun and enjoying it!

Resin: Well it felt like absolute fucking torture! (lots of laughter)

Rick: What I did until the last couple of songs was stand near the back watching reactions and you could see people enjoying themselves. I've always liked to watch how people react! They were nodding their heads and tapping their feet and that's what you want!

Resin: Yeah I think that's something we've got going for us coz we are different to a lot of bands on the scene at the minute and we want to keep it like that as well!

Rick: That's the thing, trying to stand out!

Resin: We even like all our songs to be different. If a new song starts you have to hear it is a different song! If we come up with something that's not good enough then it's labelled an "any cunt riff"

Rick: (Through laughing) An "any cunt riff? "

Resin: Yeah, any cunt can play that! So if that happens that goes and we look for something better than that! So yeah If it's an any cunt riff it's gone!

Rick: Well, being in a band myself, I can understand. People say 'oh you all do the same thing and sound the same', but four or five individuals are always going to have a slightly different way of doing things and that makes it individual!

Resin: But at the same time you do it because that's what comes naturally, not doing it purposely, yeah I think as well it's because there is input from five different people!

Rick: In that case how do you guys go about writing new material because that's always an individual thing?

Resin: Someone comes up with something and then we have a massive argument and then I win (laughter)

Rick: Well you're the big guy so of course you do!

Resin: Yeah, but you know that's not actually true. We have debates!

Rick: Of course you do, it would be wrong not to!

Resin: Simon basically sits and watches documentaries on teenage prostitutes and then writes the lyrics to a song like 'Burn' for instance and then he'll bring them to us. It's very sad song actually!

Rick: So do you draw lyrical content from anything?

Resin: Basically yeah, only sometimes it's quite personal. We try and keep it realistic. We're not a band who sings about Vikings coz we ain't Vikings! (laughter) So we sing about drug addiction, alcoholism, flat car tyres! Stuff like that.

Rick: Yeah, and why not!

Resin: Yeah, why not? No one else is doing it!

Rick: Well no...flat car tyres especially (laughter)

Resin: Absolutely!

Rick: Now, I'm going to finish you off now!!

Resin: You're WHAT? (lots of laughter)

Rick: (Pointing at Angel) She's looking very, very quiet over there?

Resin: Don't worry, we get a three minute warning!

Rick: Sorry Angel, I've got to do this!

Angel: Don't you dare!

Resin: He's just said he's going to finish us off. That wasn't part of the deal!

Angel: After what he did to me on Facebook, that's nothing!

Rick: She's going to get me back for this but we had comments on Facebook the other day about her scrubbing herself in the shower!

Resin: Oh, yeah. We saw that (laughter)

Rick: So come on, what's she like as a manager. Be honest?

Resin: Is scrubber a euphemism?

Rick: Well she said "I've got to change my batteries and then scrub myself in the shower!" (laughter)

Resin: She's a bit fussy though so you've got to push her!

Rick: So go on, tell me. I don't want to embarrass her but I want to know what she's like. You've not been with FATangel Management for long?

Resin: Well especially myself and James. We haven't had a lot of interaction because we're the two band members who behave and don't need managing!

Rick: You're the two that behave?

Resin: Oh yeah!

Rick: Christ Allfucking Mighty! (lots of laughter)

Resin: Can you imagine what the others are like?

Rick: Jesus Christ NO!

Resin: But no, the exposure that we've had since joining them has been absolutely brilliant!

Rick: Right, so you're happy then?

Resin: No...they're shit (lots of laughter)

Rick: So there you go Angel. You're shit!

Resin: No honestly though. They are absolutely brilliant. Nice people and they know what they're doing! And loving music, that's the most important thing!

Rick: Awesome. It was also lovely to see Balls Deep down at your gig supporting you?

Resin: Yes definitely, supporting each other! That's what we always try and do on Facebook too. Simon is always on it promoting other bands. It's not all about promoting yourself! New bands should realise that. Share and support other bands. They are all exactly the same as you. You're all trying to get there. A lot of bands can be very 'clicky' and it's like 'oh no, we don't do that!'

Rick: That's totally the wrong way to be!

Resin: Yep, I mean 'Children Lost In Time' (another great band to check out), well they've been doing some brilliant things for us! They went off and did some comedy videos about Simon's shirts and they're fucking hilarious. And I mean we didn't ask them to do it, they just did it!

Rick: Well he does wear some cracking shirts!

Resin: Yeah he does! Just the exposure and the publicity they have given us for doing that has been absolutely brilliant. It's been awesome! And when they are in Metal Masses next year we'll be down there supporting them!

Rick: Well that's great!

Resin: They are a local band and that's what you've got to do. Supporting the scene is what it's all about. We just wish more of the general public would do that sort of thing as well

Rick: Well that is a problem these days. Trying to get a crowd of people interested in the smaller gigs! There are plenty out there. £5 or £10 for at least four good bands, sometimes many more bands than that. I mean to me it's a no brainer going to the smaller gigs but loads of people are willing to spend £70 and upwards to go and see Metallica, Def Leppard or Iron Maiden every year!

Resin: Yeah exactly or they'll go and see ' Rammschmime' or whatever you want to call them which is not even the real thing. We're not saying some of these tribute bands aren't good, some of them are really good, but go and see some original music and watch people that have actually put some effort into writing their own stuff. I think a lot of it today is that people are scared to stick their neck out and say they like something different in case they're slagged off on Facebook

Rick: Well that's just silly isn't it?

Resin: We found an invoice in one of our bags the other day from a Guns N' Roses Tribute act that had played a gig at a pub. They had been paid £1500!! A pub paying £1500 for a tribute band!

Rick: That's ridiculous!

Resin: And they won't give an originals band £150 and you think fucking hell this just isn't right!

Rick: Fuck, I'm lucky if I get £20 when I play

Resin: It's disgraceful isn't it?

Rick: Well, I'll play for £20 because I love to play but yeah it does really piss me off that venues are willing to spend that sort of money for a tribute act just to get a few extra people buying beers

Resin: Yeah! It's all about business, not art!

Rick: Well, of course it is, but it's gone too far down that route. There will be a change though. When some tribute acts completely price themselves out of the market, venues will go back to putting on more originals bands again!

Resin: Yeah, it will swing back eventually, everything does!

Rick: Correct!

Resin: Well we did think about doing a Cher tribute once, but I didn't want to wear the wig. (lots of laughter)

With the image of Resin dressed up like Cher (excuse pun) burning my retinas, they were off to their next interview. They are a wonderful bunch and extremely funny. New single 'Burn' is a cracker and that, along with the forthcoming new album, will see them rise to the next level without any problems at all. It will be a joy to catch up with them again soon, especially to see the next incredible shirt that Simon will be wearing!!

Review written exclusively for Brutiful Entertainment by Rick Tilley:

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Resin Interview - Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014

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